Sorry but our site won't currently allow the ordering of out of stock items. This will be sorted in our phase 2 development in a couple of weeks time, when we hope to show expected lead times to aid your purchasing decisions. In the mean time you can email Clare and the team on to add out of stock products to your order.

We hope you are finding the new site nicer to navigate and peruse and we will have more and more content and functionality added as time goes on, so keep coming back for more.

any chance you might be getting any more Troll Celtic Climber Ts back in? Cheers

We were planning to drop that product from our range and had neglected to deactivate it on the site during the frantic go live period, however, we are always happy to get stock in for anyone from any of our suppliers. Do you have a particular size and colour that you are interested in? Please feel free to email me directly.
Kind regards

Will you be getting any more feel free nomad sports 'wheel in keel' (red,White,blue) back in stock. Also do you sell the super delux model and how much?

Hi Simon,

We are planning on getting more Nomads into stock in a variety of colours, we're just waiting on our suppliers to get them to us.
With regards to 'Delux' Models, some of our competitors uses these descriptions to give package deals - whereas we discount everything and let you choose what you want/need, rather than having to get something as you get a 'deal' on it.
Hope this is helpful, please get in touch if you require any more information.


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