The new boats from Tootega, the Pulse series, is available at Up and Under now. An exceptional all round sit on top kayak, at home in the surf, on rivers or for short journeys, the Pulse is able to do it all. Available in two sizes 85 and 95, these boats are fresh from the ovens.

Both models have a deep seating area, which can allow it to be paddled without an additional seat, but easily accessed D-rings mean that backrests or full seats can be added easily, along with thigh straps that can improve handling. The seating area also provides waterbottle storage as well as a hatch for internal storage. If you are into fishing and want a small craft that can do more, these could be the boats for you. As well as the option of adding your own accessories, the Huntsman editions of the Pulse comes ready to cast.

The bi-concave hull provides great stability, the central spine aiding the tracking, while the fore to aft flatness provides a great planing surface for wave action.

The Pulse also comes with moulded handles, one at the rear, one in each side of the seating area and two in the nose, these being specifically designed not to jet water into your face.

The Pulse 85 is set to be a firm favourite with kids, ladies and smaller men, with a weight limit of 90kgs. It is in stores now. The Pulse 95 has a weight limit of 125kgs, is slighly longer and faster, and is coming out of the ovens as I write.

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