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The lightest full length sleeping mat ever produced and let us tell you this is seriously revolutionary stuff. Weighing only 258g, it's extremely durable, comfortable and packs as small as a drinks can!
Pyranha confirm this morning that the brand new Loki is making an appearance at the Welsh Canoe and Kayak Show - Held today at Cardiff Marine Village, home of Up and Under Watersports.
Welsh Canoe and Kayak takes place tomorrow - thats saturday 21/05/2011. The Welsh Canoe and Kayak Show kicks off at 10am at Cardiff Marine Village. Be there or be somewhere else but you'll be be missing out!
New definitive Pembroke Climbing Guides from the Climbers Club. Filled with photo topos, inspirational photos and loads of well laid out info. Select either or both of Stack Rocks to Hollow Caves Bay or Saddle Head to St Govans.
The brand spanking new Palm Fuse Cag has landed! And we have the Limited Edition Fuse in Harlequin! Need I say more. Follow this blog to see what it looks like but beware 'cause you know you're going to have to have one.
Paddling with children is extremely rewarding be it with your children, grand children, nieces, nephews, or instructing and introducing young newcomers to the outdoors. To ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and that you make the best out of the available time you need to make sure that everyone is warm, comfortable and feels safe. Having a good degree of knowledge and experience yourself is extremely important but also of great importance is providing everyone with the correct clothing and equipment. Up and Under Watersports can give some tips on the former but we know all about the best paddling equipment and childrens clothing for open canoeing, kayaking and sit on top kayaking.
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