Going away on a climbing trip this summer? Don't forget that you'll want to perform your best. Our staff and regular customers all agree that if you have the right equipment in good condition, thats when it all comes together and you can pull off your dream route at that special crag.

So you've got the right clothing be that shorts and t-shirt for Kalymnos or Rab Alpine Trek Pants and PS Hoodie for Ben Nevis. The next thing you'll need is climbing specific protection for yourself and that starts with your rockshoes, harness and helmet. We have recently expanded our Five Ten rockshoe range with the likes of the Anasazi Arrowhead and Rogue. The Black Diamond Chaos is our flagship rock climbers model whilst the Wild Country Syncro Ziplock will provide all day wearers with stacks of comfort and plenty of racking space. In terms of helmets the current excitement seems to revolve around three offerings from Petzl. The Petzl Meteor III+ is not only light, comfortable and looks good on your head, but is now also rated for cycling and whitewater sports. The Petzl Elia is a women's specific helmet with a purpose designed cradle that will still function comfortably when your hair is in a pony tail. Whilst the Petzl Picchu is a kids helmet that looks good, is rated for climbing and cycling and comes with a free Petzl Signal red head light. Outdoor centres, the super safety concious or shale climbing perverts should check out the Wild Country 360 with its 180 degrees of protection.

Now for the fun shiny stuff. Whats happening with belaying these days? The Petzl Grigri 2 thats whats happening. This rejuventated device now works with a wider range of ropes, weighs a lot less, is more compact and comes in 3 different colours. The Petzl Reverso 3 covers all your other belaying needs for trad single rope, double rope or guiding this is the most beautifully crafted device out there. In terms of rope to run through your Grigri 2 and Reverso 3 we recommend Sterling Ropes as something a little bit special for both single and half rope needs. Wild Country Nitro and Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraws are proving popular for discerning allrounders for clipping ropes to bolts and wires. If you are working to a tighter budget but still want quality product from the best brands then take a peak at the Wild Country Wild Wire quickdraws and Wild Country Classic Rock Set or why not try an Up and Under Pack Deal, such as the Trad Pack, Sport Pack or the Training Pack. Oh and don't forget your Wild Country Pro Key with leash. 




You've got all the kit to climb but where to kip is the question? If you plan to be up in the mountains for a few days, be that the Alps, Lakes, Snowdonia or Scotland we recommend slimming down on weight and bulk, so that you have the energy to climb when you reach your destination. And after all the more rugged the environment the less comfy places there are to pitch a tent, so why not try a bivi or bivi tent? Rab provide us with the full gambit of bivi options from the emergency or hidden partly under a boulder use Survival Zone, through the excellent full protection of the Ascent Bivi, to the comfy poled Ridge Raider. You could take it a step further with the Rab Summit Superlite Bivi Tent for higher altitude requirements.

But what will keep you warm in your tent / bivi? You could try a Klymit Inertia X Frame sleeping mat combined with a Rab Alpine sleeping bag. Good food from Mountain House cooked on a Primus Express Spider or Jetboil Flash Cooking System.

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