Robson have come out with some exciting designs recently and we're very excited to be stocking three different Robson paddle craft in Up and Under now!

The Titris 12 is a great touring kayakwith lots of features. It relatively short length means it is very maneuverable for a touring boat, great for rock hopping, cave exploration and inland water ways. It has a strong stern keel which helps it track straight.

There are two large storage hatches, both sealed off by foam bulkheads. Great for packing tents for overnight trips or drybags with clothes in. This keeps kit dry and also means if you capsize there is air in the bow and stern of the kayak, making it easier to self rescue. There are also deck lines and bungees to store drinks bottles, bilge pumpsetc.

The high density foam padded seat is very comfortable and the backband is adjustable via two ratchets. Combined with the sliding footrests which adjust in seconds and the thigh braces the Tritus offers a very custom fit.

Next is the Robson Kona. This all round sit on top is the perfect do it all boat. Its high bow rocker give excellent turning on the wave and allows the boat to ride cleanly over swell, while the keel give the boat great tracking for longer distances.

The strap on the back allows you to securely attach a dry bag or trolley to the rear of the boat. The boat also comes with a backrest as standard.

For surfing at the beach, short river trips and hand line fishing the Robson Kona is a brilliant and versatile sit on top at a great price.

The Robson Kane is a new PE construction Stand up Paddle Board, or SUP for short. These are becoming more and more popular and offer a great crossover between kayaking and surfing. You stand on the board and propel youself using a long, single bladed paddle.

The Kane is very stable and is perfect for learning on. It had very forgiving rails which make it predictable on a wave and stable on flat water. The moded in grab handles make it easy to carry around off the water and the PE plastic construction make it near indestructable.

The joy of SUP boards is that they are equally happy on flat water or in small surf. This makes them much more versatile than a surf board.

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