Up and Under are pleased to announce that as of the 3rd of August, we will be an official P & H composite dealer! P & H Kayaks will be coming to Up & Under Watersports on the 3rd of August with their full range of plastic and composite sea kayaks to try on the river. The day starts at 14:00 and goes on to 19:30. It is completely free and the shop will stay open late that evening.

For a great all round sea kayak take a look at the Capella. It has a moderate 'v' shaped hull which combines great tracking and initial stability. The soft chines give responsive handling when edging and confidence inspiring secondary stability. The Plastic Capellas come in two sizes whilst the composite versions are available in four meaning you can really choose the perfect partner to suit you!

For expedition and multi-day paddling trips look no further than theScorpio and Cetus range. The Scorpio is the plastic version and comes in two sizes. This sea kayak has a round chined and slightly V’d hull. This gives a predictable and efficient ride. The moderate bow rocker means these kayak rides cleanly through swell and waves making it an ideal boat for paddling in rougher conditions. Both boats have four hatches for storage so you can pack lots of gear for overnight trips. The Cetus is the composite version and comes in three different sizes for optimum fit.

The newest range of sea kayaks from P & H include the Delhpin and Aries. These are 'sea play' kayaks. They are desgined to perform excpetionally well in the surf. Great fun for rock hopping, surfing and tidal race paddling where an agile kayak is essential. High bow rockers prevent purling (the bow digging into the water on a wave) and flat mid sections on the hull give fantastic maneuverability. The hard bow chines give fantastic pick up on the wave whilst the soft stern chines give great stability.  They both have front, rear and mini hatches for day tripping.

Although in this blog we have refered to some of the boats as 'plastic', there is slightly more to it than that. P & H use their own 'Corelite' material. There is a foam core protected by a tough plastic outer layer. This gives massive weight and stiffness advatages over traditional plastic boats whilst maintaining durability.

All P & H composite boats are available in a variety of constuction options.  Glass Fibre Diolen contruction offers a great trade off between stiffness, weight and durability as well as cost. Kevlar Carbon retains the most f the stiffness of glass but loses both weight and durability. It does however have slightly better puncture resistance. Light weight Kevlar Carbon loses yet more weight and durability. Clear hull options lose further weight (and looks cool!). Glass Fibre Diolen is the easiest to repair and the contructions get harder to repair as you move through them. There are advatnages and disadvantages to all constructions but in general the lighter the boat the more brittle and harder to repair it is. The chart below should help explain the differences.

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