The Singing Rock Redblock is useful in industrial access, adventure parks, climbing wall, outdoor education and top rope climbing situations as it reduces drag and extends the lifetime of your rope. 

Singing Rock Redblock Shear Reduction Block Use it at the top of climbing walls and bottom rope set ups to reduce the wear on both your rope and karabiners.

Use below tandem pulleys on fixed lines above high ropes courses to reduce drag and prolong rope and karabiner life.

This shear reduction block is suitable for use with 12mmtree surgery ropes and all diameters below. The device itself uses a stainless steel sheave for strength (26kN) and durability, whilst the side plates are constructed from light alloy to kleep weight down to 400g and reduce reaction with adverse weather, etc.

CE1015 rated and individually marked with a unique number for traceability.



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