Wednesday evening saw us host our first P&H sea and touring kayak demo afternoon/evening and marked the start of us becoming an official P&H composite dealer.

Tim from P&H turned up with a trailer load of lovely boats for everyone to use in early afternoon and with the sun shining and the water warm we had plenty of people out on the water enjoying the opportunity to directly compare so many models. We also provided Werner Shuna and Camano demo paddles so people could get the most out of the kayaks.

Two of the main models being tried were the expedition ready Cetus (composite) and Scorpio (plastic), and the all-new ‘play’ sea kayaks; the Aries (composite) and Delphin (plastic). This boat attracted a lot of attention and had people travelling from as far as Dorset for the chance to try it out!


I’d used the Cetus quite a lot before and was well aware of its ability to cover ground quickly and easily. The Aries intrigued me more. With its relative short length and high bow rocker I thought the boat would be quick to turn but would suffer in terms of speed and ease of rolling. It certainly isn’t as fast as the Cetus but it is deceptively quick. The handling is where this boat really shines though. Providing you are confident edging the boat it has an incredibly tight turning circle. This is a boat that is going to spend a lot of time in the surf too and subsequently a lot of time upside down! I was happy to find it rolled with great ease and is one of the few sea boats I can hand roll.  It is also the only boat in the P&H range (bar the Delphin) to use Pyranha’s excellent Connect 30 outfitting system which offers incredible comfort and fit.

Although the Aries is dubbed a ‘play’ sea kayak I think it would make a great all rounder. Its very stable and easy to use for people just getting into sea kayaking, but on the flip side with confidence and aggressive edging it turns on a penny!

As well as the Cetus and Aries, Tim also brought along the Capellaand Bayhia.

The Capella is a great all round sea kayak although I feel it sits in a ‘jack of all trades master of none’ ‘no mans land’ in terms of the range. The Cetus is faster and has more carrying capacity, the Aries is not much slower but has superior handling and comfort.

The Bayhia was brought down for those that like a more traditional shape sea kayak. The deep ‘v’ hull meant stability was almost non existent! Once moving however it was very graceful through the water and was a match made in heaven for the Werner Camano. All of us that paddled the Bahiya commented that the boat was very easy to roll providing you used a quick aggressive stroke and flick. This is a boat that doesn’t do half way up!

We’d all like to say a big thanks to Tim at P&H for providing the demo boats and for his in depth knowledge of the range… we learnt a lot too! Up and Under now have demo models available of the Cetus MV, Aries and soon the Delphin 155. If you’re interested in trying any of these boats drop us a line or pop in!



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