Blog 5:

Hey All
As you can read below I sadly injured myself whilst attempting The Prow on Washington Column which means I cant climb for another 4 weeks, because of this I decided to return home early. Despite my short time there I thought I would do a review on a few of the bits of kit which I took with me which I found really useful.
The first was the Brunton Inspire Battery Pack. The Inspire is basically a battery which you can charge from a computer, 12v car charger or a household plug via a usb adapter, you can then take this battery to charge your phone, ipod etc. I have a HTC smart phone (hence the reason i could blog from the walls) but the problem with this phone is that it has a short battery life. On a 4 day wall the battery would die, so i needed a way to charge it. I found I could charge my phone twice off the Inspire before I had to recharge it and it was really simple to use. The thing that inspresed me most though was the durability of the product, It has a really tough rubber and plastic case and was fine in the haul bag.
The second bit of kit is the Metolius Offset Master Cams. Simply if you are going to Yosemite then buy a complete set of these. These little cams lower every aid grade in Yosemite by one. A lot of Yosemite Big walls have flared out peg scars on them and having the offset cams means that they fit perfectly. Before the Metolius offsets I did have the famous Alien Offsets which are sadley no longer availble and I got on really well with them but the build quality and usability of the Metolius far out weights the old alien equivalent. I have to say that without these I would find it really hard to do some of the hard aid climbs that I have done in Yosemite.
Finally I can't recommend the Yates 6 Step Big Wall Ladders enough, they are without doubt the best aiding ladders available. They are built to last, they stay open well and have a good-sized grab loop at the top. Given the enquiries regarding them we intend to keep stock in at all times.
Still a little sad that I had to come back early but lets hope my arm heals fast and that we have brilliant ice conditions this winter!

Blog 4:

Saw the Dr and it looks like my Yosemite climbing and any climbing in the next month or so is over. I have torn a major muscle in my right elbow.

Injurys happen I guess all you can do is laugh. Bit gutted, but the Yosemite walls have stood for 100000 odd years I'm sure they will still be here next year. So I guess I will dust of the old hiking boots and do some good old hikes.


Blog 3:

Not good news. Was half way up The Prow and I think I tore a muscle in my right arm, its gone all stiff and I can't grip anything or bend my arm past 70 degrees with out it hurting. Meant that the bail off was fun. Sorry its not a longer blog but hard to write with just a left hand.

Blog 2:

Arrived in Yosemite just in time for a heat wave. Have had an afternoon of climbing at Swan Slabs and spent the morning climbing at Church Bowl. Both really nice signal pitch crags with perfect granite splitters.

Despite the heat we are going to try for The Prow on the Washington Column tomorrow. Wonder how much water you need carry for climbing for 3 days in 30 degree c plus heat?


Blog 1:

Hey everyone

Just arrived in San Fransisco and met my climbing partner (and former Up and Under employee) Tom Lia.
We've already been for a quick beer at Fishman Wharf and will be bunking down in a San Fran Hostel before we make our way to Yosemite valley tommorow.

The only problems encountered so far is getting 100kg of gear out here. What a pain. The other is getting ripped of by American car rental companies. Oh well.

Stayed logged on for more updates from the valley.


Andy will be posting to this blog and on the Up and Under Facebook Wall throughout his stay in Yosemite giving trip, route, gear and conditions updates. So keep coming back to find out more about his Big Walling and free climbing antics.

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