With some of our older stock of flares creeping toward their expiry date, we've dropped the prices so keep your eyes open for a bargain.

Pains Wessex Miniflares
, due to expire in 12/2012, are £34.95, reduced from £57.18. We only have a few packs left before the new stock rises the price. The Miniflares come in a pack of 9 with a pen launcher, and can reach heights of 45m.

Pains Wessex Para Rocket Flares Mk8A, due to expire 12/2013, are £22.50, reduced from £28.59. The Parachute Flares sends a ball of light 300m into the air where it will slowly decend, attracting attention when you need it most.

Grab yourself a great offer!

Please note: These flares cannot be sent via post, but contact us to reserve your flares.

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