The Nookie Iceman is an All-in-one thermal that is ideal for winter canoe and kayak trips. It is also the perfect compliment to wear under kayaking drysuits such as the Nookie Assassin or the Palm Torrent.

Nookie the Paddling Company have created the iceman after inspiration from the mid 80`s movie Topgun which was well known for saying such as "I feel the need... the need for speed..."

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This all-in-one thermal has been well loaded with features that make it the top of the range in paddling thermals.

It is manufactured from Polartec Classic 100 fleece which has also been recycled. Polartec Fleece offers exceptional warmth while being very light, highly durable and also very quick drying. It is also very easy to machine wash after your days paddling.

The iceman kayaking thermal is exceptionally easy to get on and off and is easily accessed through the front two way zip. On the rear of the zip there is then a small storm flap that will prevent any draughts. By incorporating a two way zip it is also very easy for men to unzip their drysuit relief zip and unleash to go for that mid paddle wee! While female paddlers can also do the same easy pit stop simply by using a Shewee.

There are plently of pockets for storage on the iceman thermal. There are two on the chest and also two on the legs. They are very discrete and if not in use they dont get in the way. On the rear of the suit there is then an elasticated panel that will help to keep the suit fitting in a nice secure manor, it also helps to make sure that it does not sag or drop down. On the wrists there are also some thumb loops, these are ideal for ease of getting on and off. The thumb loops are also perfect for keeping your full arms covered for when you wear the iceman as a warm layer for apres paddling. This is best displayed when you reach up to load your kayak onto the roofrack! In the base of the ankle there is also a gaiter with stirrup of a lighterweight material which is the same as that used in the Nookie Thermal Base Layers. This gaiter and stirrup will help to prevent the legs of the iceman raising while worn in a kayak.   

While the Nookie Iceman will offer good levels of warmth for winter paddling trips. For the times where you have to break the ice to get on,  you may also want to look at the addition of the Nookie Thermal Base L/S and also the Base Pants to increase the levels of warmth even more.  

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