Sea Kayaking Deck Bag

The Sea To Summit Solution Gear Access Deck Bag is ideal for the storage of essential bits of equipment while out at sea.

This deck bag is very easy to attach to secure to the front of your Sea Kayak via the 4 securing straps that are potitioned on each corner of the bag. There are then two velcro straps on the base of the unit that also help to secure it as they are able to be threaded around the decklines. 

The access deck bag offers plenty of storage, some internally and some externally. Externally they have included a set of elasticated bungees on the top and also side pockets. The bungees also include a tension adjustment that is ideal for securing a bilge water pump to. While on the inside there is a large area that also contains a specially shaped drybag which is perfect for the storage of items such as a digital camera.

The deck bag is easily accessed via a zip panel that faces the paddler. When opened you will find that there is a drybag in there which offers dry storage for a mobile phone or a digial camera. If not required, the drybag is also removable. 

The Access Deck Bag is one of many sea kayaking accessories that is stocked by Up and Under Watersports. Some of the other popular items include the Silva 70P Compass and also the 58K Kayak for navigation. While the sea kayaking safety and rescue side is broken up into a variety of areas such as towing which is covered by items such as the Palm 10m Ocean Towline and the Peak UK 15m Towline. Rescue is covered by products such as Bilge pumps which is includes the Palm Canoe / Kayak Pump or the Sea To Summit Solution Gear Bilge Water Pump. While the communications are made possible by the Icom VHF Radio.   

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