Werner Sidekick - Gear Review.

I have been paddling with Werner Sidekick Paddles for a number of years and now and I have finally decided to review them. The first pair of sidekicks that I bought lasted me about 5 years of fairly hard boating. I then wore them out! Having paddled with them for so long and having got used to what they offered and how they performed, I found it hard to change. So I decided to stick with what I knew and bought a second set. Even despite the introduction of more up to date models being on the market such as the Werner Powerhouse

Werner SidekickLooking back, my sidekicks have have been used for several disciplines of the sport including; playboating, river running and surfing.

So why did I buy them? They were a new design (at the time I bought my first pair) and none of my friends had them! Apart from this the first thing that stood out about them was that they were very light. Secondly and most importantly, the blades were quite large and offered good levels of power when paddling. This really became apparent when I was attempting to catch a wave or drop over the top of a stopper. Unlike my previous paddles where I could not get enough pull with the Werner Sidekicks I had no problems at all.

Conclusion Of the Werner Sidekicks

The ideal paddle for the larger person. For those of you who dont know me, I am 6 ft tall and of a heavy build.

Do not despair if you are of smaller build you can still look at the Werner Player. This is a paddle with exactly the same blade shape, but the blade has a smaller surface area.

Written by - James Trigg

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