Up and Under Watersports loves your smart phones as much as you do. We know, we see you wandering round checking your phones constantly and now you can use them to find out information about what we sell.
Now, as you wander round Up and Under Watersports, you may encounter small black and white squares these are 3D barcodes or QR codes. If you have a smart phone – download a QR code reader and scan away using the camera… Yes, Up and Under are embracing the mobile digital revolution.
These codes will take you directly to our website, usually the page for the item you are looking at. These pages will give you an in depth (hopefully) description of the product with any reviews and videos available, and if necessary allow you to checkout any sales or show you items that may relate to your product of interest.
We are proud of our website which contains more and more information each day about our products, and we want you to use it to gain information as well.
So, as you wonder round, feel free to scan away


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