Sit on Top Package Deals
Up and Under Watersports are now offering several great Sit on Top package deals. If you want a great value way to get into kayaking look no further!
Sit on Top kayaking has gained huge popularity in recent years in the UK and is a fantastic way to experience kayaking. They are stable, safe and fun and can be used for a whole multitude of activities such as surfing, touring, fishing and even white water!
All our sit on tops are made from strong plastic making them extremely durable and built to last! They require little or no maintenance so you can focus on the fun stuff! All the sit on tops are self-bailing via small ‘scupper holes’ through the hull (that’s the bottom!) to allow water to drain out.
There are five different options with our package deals and include some of the most popular all round sit on tops. Adult-wise we have the Feel Free Nomad, Ocean Kayak Frenzy and UK made Tootega Pulse 95. For kids, teenagers and smaller adults the Tootega pulse 85 is great. For families or couples the Malibu 2 pack is well worth considering, as it is a tandem sit on top.
All five package deals are supplied with Palm Universal Buoyancy aids. These are what keep you afloat in the event of a capsize. Buoyancy aids differ from lifejackets as they do not roll you onto your back and keep your face out of the water. However they offer far greater manoeuvrability and are easy to swim in. The Palm Universal is ideal as it fits virtually anyone, any size!
The bundles also include Carlisle Simply Magic Alloy Paddles. These are lightweight, robust aluminium paddles which asymmetric polypropylene blades for an efficient stroke. They have shrink-wrapped oval shaped shafts to insulate and add grip. They also have drip stops to stop water running from the blades, down the shaft and onto your hands (trust us, this is very annoying!).
The Feel Free Nomad pack is a fantastic choice for all round use. It surfs well, has plenty of onboard storage and ha pre moulded rod holder blanks should you wish to fit some for fishing. There are also tons of accessories you can add to this kayak to enhance its performance. Click Here for more information on the Feel Free Nomad.
The Tootega Pulse 95 is a great sit on top to start with and is made in the UK. It has a pontoon hull for stability and forward tracking. You sit quite deep in the kayak helping with stability as well as comfort. There is a rear tank well and storage hatch and it is easy to fit rod holders. Click Here for more information the Tootega Pulse 95.
The Ocean Kayak Frenzy is a clever stackable design so can be stored easily if you have more than one. They are extremely stable and track very well in the water. This makes it perfect for beginners. Click Here for more information on the Ocean Kayak Frenzy.
For teenagers and small adults the Tootega Pulse 85 is a great platform to learn on. Stable and manoeuvrable it is an ideal sit on top to get to grips with kayaking in. It is also extremely lightweight making it easy for smaller people to move around off the water. It features a storage hatch and rear tank well. Even better it is made in Britain. Click Here for more information on the Tootega Pulse 85.
The Malibu 2 is one of our best selling tandem kayaks, which is why we have added it to our package deals. Tandems are great for couples and families and are a great value way of getting two of you on the water! The Malibu 2 can also be paddled solo form a central seating position making it very versatile. Click Here for more information on the Malibu 2.
If none of these package deals float your boat (pardon the pun!) all the boats are available on their own. We also stock a huge range of other sit on tops. If you find the world ofsit on tops and kayaking slightly bewildering as there are so many out there we’d love for you to pop in or drop us an email so we can help you!
See you on the water!

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