A huge amount of attention to detail goes into creating these beautiful boats and most models are available in multiple constructions. There are five different constructions available in the Tide Race range:
  • FG Classic
  • AX2 G-Core
  • AX1.5 G-Core Lite
  • CK Hardcore
  • C Carbon Pro

Not every model is available in every construction as different constructions suit different styles of boat better than others. For instance you can't choose the Xcape in Carbon Pro as it is just not neccessary for the style of boat, or you can't choose the Pace in Carbon Kevlar, it's too tough and heavy. Each material has its own merits and you can be sure that tiderace have selected the right construction choices for each model.

However each model is normally available in two or three options as people want different things form their boat. Some want great value, other durability, others maximum stiffness. What ever it is you want, you can rest assured the material you choose will work in perfect harmony with your boat. We're here to help advise you on the material choice which can be quite bewildering at times!

Every construction is formed using a specially formulated epoxy resin, which is tougher and stronger than polyester or vinylester resin. The gel coats are all epoxy compatible meaning easy repairs.  All seams overlap and are taped inside and out for maximum durability as well as great finish aesthetics. Each construction uses Tiderace Core Technology, whereby a crush resistant mid layer is applied between the surface layers. This is to achieve ultimate stiffness and weight. 
 fg classic

The entry level construction is FG Classic. This is only available on the Xcape, and is a perfect entry point to the world of composite sea kayaks. It is both light, affordable and strong. Tiderace Core Technology is employed on the flat surfaces such as the hull and deck sections. High stress areas such as the cockpit rim are reinforced for added durability. 

fg classic picture(See table at bottom of page for key)


AX2 G-Core is Tiderace's premium glass construction. It is similar to the FG Classic but uses a biaxial cloth in the centre of the laminate. This cloth has fibres running in two diagonal direction adding stiffness. There is also a more complex cloth layup on the deck and hull. This is available on all models bar the Xcape and Pace and is a good all round choice.

ax2 gcore(See table at bottom of page for key)


ax1.5 lite
AX1.5 G-Core Lite
is only available on Tide Race's ultra specialist Pace Range. It is essentially a stripped down version of the standard AX2 G-Core. This is achieved by running the core through the entire boat allowing fewer glass layers to be used. This method reduces weight without compromising stiffness. However it is at the expense of durability making it unsuitable for all-round sea kayaks, which are designed to take more abuse. 

ax1.5(See table at bottom of page for key)


ck carbon kevlar                                                                                                                                                              
CK Hardcore is a Carbon Kevlar mix construction which gives ultimate durability. It is therefore suitable for boats which you anticipate having a hard life and getting in amongst the action. The outside layers employ only glass for easy repairs to small puncture damage whilst the inner layer is a super strong layup of carbon/kevlar with high impact and stress resistance. This construction is available on the full range of boats bar the Pace and Xcape.

ck hardcore(See table at bottom of page for key)

 carbon pro 
Carbon Pro
is perhaps the ultimate construction, with maximum stiffness and low weight. It is not as durable as CK Hardcore but for those where compromise is not an option this is the material of choice. Visually it looks simply stunning and performance is incredible. It still retains a glass outer layer for ease of repair. This construction is available on the Xcite & Xplore.

carbon pro(See table at bottom of page for key)

               Construction Layer Key




Gel Coat


Glass cloth s-lite


Glass cloth lite


Glass cloth medium


Glass cloth heavy


Glass cloth s-heavy


Glass biaxial lite


Glass biaxial medium


Glass biaxial heavy


Resin Supported Core


Carbon Kevlar cloth


Carbon cloth


So there you have it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call or email on:

(+44)02920 578579


(note: all information was correct at time of publishing- May 2012: Updated October 2012)

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