Buying a sea kayak is a big purchase, one you need to get right. You could be spending hours a day in this boat so you need to be comfortable and 100% happy with the way it performs.

You can get a lot of information from other paddlers, online and by talking to staff in shops but ultimately in order to truly know which boat is right for you, you need to take it for a spin. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive and we feel it’s no different with a sea kayak.
A demo will hopefully be the start of a long and happy relationship between you and your kayak. Think of it as that first date, you’ll get to know each other and see if you get on well before things get serious! There’s no commitment, if you don’t like a boat just keep trying until you find ‘The One’
We have four of Tiderace’s key models available for demo here at Up and Under:
·        Xcape
·        Xcite
·        Xplore
·        Xtra
The Tiderace Xcape is the beginner to intermediate boat with good levels of stability and a predictable ride. It’s an ideal entry point to the world of sea kayaking and in FG Classic is great value.
The Tiderace Xcite is a highly manoeuvrable sea kayak that is great for seasoned paddlers. It has a very shallow V shaped hull and reasonable rocker which all aids agility.
The Tiderace Xplore is a full on expedition sea kayak. It has a good carrying capacity for multi day trips and the moderate V hull and low rocker make for a fast stable boat.
The Tiderace Xtra is a short playful sea kayak designed for those looking to surf, rock hop and generally have close to shore fun.
We also have demo models available from P & H including the Aries and the Cetus while from Valley we have the Etain
If you’re interested in booking a demo contact our water sports department on: 02920 578579 or email us at  and somebody will get back to you asap.

Hi there,
We are looking to buy a kayak for our family (2 adults, 2 children (7 and 8 years old), plus the dog - not all to paddle the same time). From your website, the Feel free Corona seems like a possible option for us. Basically, we have a caravan down the Gower and are looking to do some gentle sea kayaking for fun. Although, my husband is keen to go fishing too!
1. What essential equipment do we need in addition to the kayak (first time buyers, so have nothing apart from wetsuits)? Approximate price of kayak plus this equipment?
2. We live in Cardiff, would it be possible to arrange a demo and advice session with yourselves, preferably this Sunday (20th May)?

Look forward to your reply,many thanks.
Samantha Green

Hi Samantha,

From what you are saying the Corona would be a great choice. It has room for two adults and a child, or an adult and two children and maybe space for the dog (depending on how big it is!).

The Corona normally comes with two rod holders built into the back but sometimes they turn up without so we can't guarentee it will.

As an all round boat you can't really go wrong, plenty of storage, good performance and the wheel in the back can be helpful too.

If you don't mind limiting yourself to just two in the boats (you might squezze 1 adult and 2 kids depending how old they are) take a look at the Gemini too. It is more agile and is lighter too.

In terms of extra kit you need two paddles (check out the simply magic alloy) and two or three buoyancy aids. Check out the Palm Universal or Palm Quest or Yak Kallista. Other than that the only thing you'll need is a trolley as the tandems are pretty heavy!

If you can pop in on Sunday that would be fab, I'll be in the store so ask for me (Ross) and I'll talk you through the boats. We only offer demo on the Composite Sea Kayaks at the moment. We'd love to offer it on everything but space is limited in the shop so we can only store so many demo boats.

Anyway pop in on Sunday anytime and I'll chat through it all with you :) Any other questions ping us an email on or call on 02920 578579.

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