La Sportiva Futura The La Sportiva Futura rockshoe has landed at Up and Under in Cardiff. It introduces the next generation of rockshoes - No-Edge climbing footwear to our range and to the world. This "No-Edge" concept is designed to work with any irregularities and textures upon a rock's surface rather than putting the emphasis on searching for edges and as such it eliminates the traditional “edges” from the sole of the shoe.

The benefit of the design of the Futura and No-Edge shoes is to bring your foot closer into contact with the rock surface. This enhances feel and sensitivity and allows a more homogenous push across a hold as well as the improved use of smaller holds and irregularities. Its softness enhances this and will enable your feet to wrap around holds even on the steepest of terrain.

La Sportiva describe the climbing produced by the use of the No-Edge construction as "more fluid, instinctive and harmonious".

The La Sportiva Futura is developed from their Speedster model but is suitable for both top performance athletes and lesser experienced climbers due to its less extreme fit, whilst the Fast Lacing System makes the shoe easy to pull on, and slick to adjust and tension perfectly.

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