The brand new Petzl Nao headtorch is a major revolutionary piece of must have equipment for runners, hillwalkers and mountaineers.

Self-adjusting REACTIVE LIGHTING technology: this headtorch works like your eyes, i.e. it knows where you are looking and focuses on that. So if you are moving looking at the ground just in front of you then suddenely look up to glance at the surrounding terrain within a 108m (355 lumens) area then the sensor on the lamp will tell it to refocus on the terrain as you move. You can then look at your map and it will immediately recalibrate for optimum lighting for map reading. This means you don't have to do anything, no refocussing or choosing confusing settings where you may accidentally burn out your batterys life.

Li-Ion rechargeable Battery power: lithium ion means that the battery performs well at low temperatures, it can be charged via USB and is extremely efficient when in REACTIVE LIGHTING mode giving nearly 4 time the charge life than when set to a medium high fixed output.

Weighs 187g: with all that technology and power it must be heavy? Not likely at only 187g this is a seriously light and comfy headtorch for the output and efficiency making it ideal for night time fell running and cross country ski or ski mountaineering challenges.

Available now for only £120.66!

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