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We’ve just taken delivery of a whole container load of Tiderace Kayaks making us one of the biggest stockists of Tiderace Sea Kayaks in the UK!
These boats are some of the best-finished sea kayaks on the market, employing the finest technologies from Cobra, the world leader in the manufacture of high-end composite products.
We stock Tiderace’s four core models:

The Xcape and Xplore are more touring and open water orientated, whilst the Xciteand Xtraare aimed at the more playful paddler. Click on the model names above for more information on each boat.
The boats are available in a variety of constructions, using materials such as fibreglass, kevlar and carbon fibre. However there are certain technologies and features that are common across every single composite Tiderace Sea Kayak. All Tiderace Kayaks feature:
  • Tiderace Core Technology (TCT), which employs a lightweight resin filled core material in the middle of the laminate to form a lightweight, stiff ‘sandwich’.
  • A quadruple overlap join between deck and hull for strength and a great finish.
  • An epoxy compatible polyester gelcoat for ease of repair. Click here to find out more information on the various composites available for each model.
  • Kajaksport Click On Hatches, which are much more effective than the standard options used by most manufacturers.
  • Ergonomically designed cockpits for all day comfort and maximum performance.
  • Glassed in bulkheads.
  • High quality fixtures and fittings
Each model is available in different constructions, which offer various benefits. Some are lighter, others stronger. It depends what you are looking for from you kayak. Click here for more information on the various constructions or give us a ring to chat about which will suit your needs best.
We currently have 27 Tiderace Kayaks in stock and aim to always have every model on the shop floor. We also aim to have a representation of every colour and construction (if not in each model). So even if we don’t have the exact model you want, you’ll be able to sit in the right model and see the colour and construction in a different model. Considering all the options available for each kayak, there are few retailers in the UK that can offer this.
As well as the stock boats, we have demo models of the Xcape, Xplore, Xcite and Xtra. We also have demo versions of kayaks from other manufacturers including P&H and Valley Kayaks. Please give us a call in good time to organise a demo at a time that suits you. Both Weekdays and Weekends are fine. We also have a selection of demo paddles from Werner and Streamlyte.
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