Nemo Sample Sale

We've got our hands on a load of Nemo samples. So if you want high quality lightweight tents, hooped bivi's and sleep mats at great prices look no further. 

For sleeping mats we have lightweight self inflating Zor and Zor short, for supreme comfort and warmth Tuo short and Tuo luxury (what a beauty) and an air filled Cosmo short all at 50% off RRP.

Technology and innovation abound in Nemo's air-beam hooped bivis, including the Gogo EX and Tanto SE with their double walled designs or the Moto 1p single skinned bivi that you can sit up in all at half price.

For tents we have the Meta 2p a 2 person tarp that turns into a tent with the addition of your trekking poles, the Pentalite 4p a 4 person pyramid that erects with either trekking poles or kayak paddle, and a strangely non-quirky 4 person tent called the Asashi 4p that you can add a garage onto (knew there would be something radical about it). Again all of these down by 50% from RRP.

Check them out there is some incredible innovation on display.

Please note: these products are samples and may have been used for studio photo shoots or presentations at sales meetings. Therefore the products do not come with any warranty. You may return the product under our standard 7 day returns terms if the product isn't what you expected / wanted. Beyond that period the product is effectively a sold as seen product and cannot be returned for manufacturing defects or failures.

Hi: I know this post is old, but I am desperately seeking a Nemo Asashi tent, and wondered if you still have any left!?

Thank you


Sorry Whitney, but we no longer have an account with Nemo. The best people to contact are

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