Over the last decade the British public seems to have fallen out of love with the sports bike and has a new (bigger and heavier) mistress; the adventure bike. The Brecon Beacons are now filled with the thudding of BMW Boxers and KTM V-Twins rather than the howl of Japensese inline fours. Along with this, more people are loading up their bikes and heading out for weekends camping, trips to Europe and expeditions further afield. Whilst Up and Under has been renown as one of the finest outdoor shops in Wales for the last 30 plus years we worry that there are lots of bikers out there who don’t realise how much kit we have to offer them! Both Ross and John are keen bikers and use lots of the kit we sell on their own bikes on a daily basis.
Although we don’t sell any motorcycle specific gear such as helmets, armoured clothing or bike accessories (we’ll leave that to the plentiful supply of excellent bike dealers around South Wales) we feel that we have a lot to offer most bikers, from the casual weekend rider to the most committed of year-round warriors!
Motorcycle Clothing
As mentioned, we don’t sell any armoured clothing. However so many of our lines are great for wearing under your leather or textile suits.
Base layers are key to temperature regulation. In hot weather  a lightweight wicking layer such as a Helly Hansen Lifa will keep you cool and dry whereas on winter days Ice Breaker Merino Wool will keep you nice and toasty.
Mid layers are key to keeping warm, lightweight fleeces and synthetic mid layers are perfect as they pack nice and small and add extra insulation. Check out the Mountain Hardwear Compressor or Patagonia R1 Pullover for a couple of our favourites.
Socks can make a big difference to your comfort on the bike. Ross and John both use Bridgedale socks under their bike boots and find them very comfortable. We also sell ‘Ride Recommended’ Seal Skinz Waterproof Socks which are great if you only own a pair of summer boots or your so called ‘waterproof’ boots are a little leaky!
Liner gloves can add some extra warmth under summer gloves when temperatures drop in the autumn evenings.
Motorcycle Camping Gear
Camping on a bike is great fun. (as well as being a lot cheaper than staying in B&Bs!) We sell a wide range of lightweight and very packable tents that will take up minimal room when strapped to the pillion seat or luggage rack. Take a look at our latest range from Nordisk as well as some excellent value options from Wild Country.
We also stock a great selection of sleeping bags, from great value synthetics such as the Snugpack Travelpak series to ultra warm, light and specialist down bags from the likes of Western Mountaineering.
Sleeping mats aren’t just important to give you a comfy night’s sleep. They also add a lot of warmth, as your sleeping bag cannot loft underneath your body they trap a layer of air between you and the ground. One of our favourites is the Nemo Zor which packs small but offers great levels of comfort and insulation.
When camping you’ll need to be able to rustle up some grub, or at the very least a brew and therefore you'll need a camping stove of some sort! Jet Boils are simply amazing for getting water heated up quickly. For wilderness camping a liquid stove such as the MSR XGK as it is possible to run it on even the dirtiest of petrol, or indeed any other vaguely flammable liquid. (just siphon it out your own fuel tank!)

Motorcycle Luggage
We don’t sell any specific bike luggage such as panniers or tank bags. However a roll top dry bag strapped to the pillion seat is a very cheap and effective way of carrying large quantities of gear securely, whilst guaranteeing it will stay dry. Various sizes and weights are available and Exped Dry Bags are great for separating wet and dry gear inside panniers.
Backpacks aren't ideal on a bike as they’ll fatigue you over time and there is concern as to their safety during a spill. (They can cause you to tumble) However sometimes a small day sack can be very useful on the bike.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the sort of stuff we have on offer and this blog only covers a fraction of the gear we carry in stock. Browse our website, give us a call or better still pop in and hello!

In the mean time happy riding!


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