Multimat Foam and Self-inflating camping mat sale at Up and Under, Cardiff.

Multimat the foam company based in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales have provided us with UK manufactured, tried and tested foam sleeping mats for many years.

Now we have a number of special offers that we can offer you from their range.

Foam Camping Mat

Multimat Pro Edge has over 50% off and is now only £19.99!  It is an expedition / winter mat that won't puncture and weighs next to nothing. It comes from Multimats Extremist range which just about says it all.

Self-inflating Camping Mat

For car camping and family camping we have the Multimat Camper Profile 35 down from almost £40 to only £19.99! Get the comfort of a self-inflating mat for not a lot.

Space and weight conscious car campers and backpackers or anyone wanting to do a Duke of Edinburgh Expedition in comfort should take a serious look at the Adventure Superlite range. Normally over £70 for a full length mat we have them for as little as £39.99 and only £29.99 for the 3/4 length.



Great looking mats! I don't think we have the Multimat range in Australia, do you deliver at all to here? Thanks JJ

Hi JJ, Thanks for your enquiry. We do supply most goods to Australia or anywhere in the world for that matter. If you have bulk requirements for your business we do provide B2B services as well. Let me know what you need and I will provide you with a quote for goods and shipping.

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