End of Summer Watersports Sale

As we reach the end of another summer season, that means only one thing. An End of Summer Sale! A wide range of watersports kit is now carrying big discounts There are a variety of sizes, products and also gear for a number of different areas of paddlesport. Dont miss out...

We have broken the Sales Listings down into type of product. This will hopefully make it easier for you to grab yourself a bargain. This is only a small selection of what we have available. For further info on ALL Up and Under sale items click here!

Buoyancy Aids

Palm Day Tour - RRP £54.95 Now £39.90

Palm Hydro Adventure
- RRP £74.95 Now £49.90

Yak Kallista - RRP £46.99 Now £34.99

Delta Traveller - RRP £56.99 Now £39.90

Canoe Cags

Peak UK Adventure Double
- RRP £220.00 Now £119.50

Yak Fusion - RRP £99.00 Now £67.50

Palm Mistral - RRP £79.95 Now £44.90

Palm Vector - RRP £59.95 Now £29.00

Canoe Pants

Palm Amaris Pant
- RRP £159.95 Now £89.90

Palm Cobra Pant - RRP £89.95 Now £54.50

Dry Suits

Palm Stikine
- RRP £599.95 Now £399.00

Typhoon Max B - RRP £399.00 Now £275.00

Peak UK Adventure One Piece - RRP £529.00 Now £349.00


Nookie Iceman
- RRP £89.99 Now £64.50

Sea Kayaks

Tiderace Xcape
- RRP From £2195 Now From £1739

Tiderace Xcite -RRP From £2399 Now From £1879

Tiderace Xplore - RRP From £2450 Now From £1920

Tiderace Xtra- RRP From 2395 Now From £1879

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