Jöttnar comes to Up and Under

Jottnar Vanir We first met Tommy and Steve of Jöttnar well over a year ago and had a long chat with them about their ideas and what we thought the very best products needed in terms of quality, function and appeal. They were eager to listen to our thoughts and had an interesting serious mountain background and some really good concepts. With our background with a number of strong quality brands and all being end users ourselves we saw that they were really enthusiastic, knew their stuff and were the right guys to come up with something really special. And true to their words they have made products that have really impressed us and our customers.

Jottnar - The Beginnings

Former Royal Marines and very experienced mountaineers Tommy Kelly and Steve Howarth were in the mountains of Norway struggling through a fierce Arctic winter wishing that they had technical outdoor clothing that would properly protect them. That same Scandinavian landscape provided the inspiration for designing quality product imbued with purity and elegance.

To achieve their goal Tommy and Steve have personally designed and developed all of the minute details of the products on the basis of quality and functionality. This attention to detail and the desire to support and take care of customers in the way that they themselves would wish to be treated fits well with the Up and Under philosophy. If this in itself wasn't a big enough ask to kick it all off in the current financial climate and compete with some strong existing companies is extremely brave, but as they themselves say:


The route ahead is steep and cold - exactly how we like it!


Jottnar - The Philosophy

Serious outdoor clothing for serious users in ferocious conditions with an enduring quality, functionality and performance. Clean lines, disciplined design and attention to detail. Rigorous testing at each stage of development by Jöttnar and the Jöttnar Pro Team creating clothing of the utmost integrity.

Jottnar - Outdoor Clothing

Jottnar Fjorm Womens Each garment has been developed through a lengthy design evolution using the best technology and craftsmanship available. The waterproof jacket (Jottnar Bergelmir) and salopette (Jottnar Vanir) for example use Polartec® Neoshell® the most breathable waterproof fabric out there and in the case of the Bergelmir combines with the beefiest best quality face fabric in use with Neoshell anywhere.

Rather than just plumping for market leading fabrics when they are not neccessarily the most appropriate or best Jöttnar have spent a lot of time finding just what they think is the best for their products and customers, e.g. the use of synthetic fill in the Jottnar Alfar in the form of Duoregulation™ from ADVANSA Thermo°cool®, the people that brought us Coolmax. This fabric offers great compressible, light, insulation but with excellent wicking and evapourative characteristics. DownTek nano technology and proprietary application process produces very high quality water-repellant down used in the Jottnar Fjorm Jacket.

All in all here at Up and Under we believe that all of the above combines to place Jottnar at the very pinnacle of outdoor clothing for serious mountain users.

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