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Gift-giving is part of celebrating. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or Christmas, we all love to give and receive gifts. In partnership with addwish we have added a wish-list creation tab to our website that lets you and your friends and family create wish lists and coordinate who gives what.addwish

Whenever you are on a product page on www.upandunder.co.uk you will see the addwish buttons in the upper right edge of the website. The parcel image will create or take you to your wish list, whilst the text button will add further products to your wish-list. When you add a product or products on Up and Under's website to your wish list you can let people know what you really would like via email or through facebook and addwish. You can save them the effort of shopping or searching the web for the product you would like and not finding it, getting the wrong thing or worse, spending a lot of money on something that you can't really use.

addwish at up and under

But it doesn't stop with Up and Under, you can use the addwish website to search for all kinds of products and add them to the wish-list that your Up and Under products are on, so you don't have to send people multiple wish lists for different stores.

Up and Under are pleased to be able to offer everyone easy to use wedding, Christmas and birthday list facilities for the best quality outdoor clothing and equipment from the best brands all at competitive prices.     


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