Beach Holidays, Summer Holdiays or Weekend Breaks

Are you going on a family beach holiday this Year? If so Up and Under Outdoor Gear in Cardiff is the place to stop off en route to stock up with all you need.

Whether you are heading a long way south to the Mediterranean, or the deep blue waters on the south coast of the UK or maybe even the far flung beaches of West Wales a family beach holiday can provide hours of fun for all of the family.

There are numerous options in all areas for accommodation; however camping is one of the best choices you can make. As you are free from all guidelines and times of departure and entry. Once you have set up your tent you really do need to explore your local beach. Once there you will be greeted with a whole array of watersports to try out.

However before you launch yourself into the sea you need to make sure that you have some appropriate clothing. There are a few things we would suggest you might want to look at as it will make the holiday more comfortable. Think about a wetsuit, a rashvest and also some water sports footwear.


There are many types of wetsuit available these days and some of them are not so good! However the Up and Under choice is from Circle One which is one of the leading wetsuit manufactures in the UK.

From them we offer several options, firstly we have a selection of  summer wetsuits that are about of 3mm thick. We do the Circle One Faze Steamer, which has options for Men, Ladies and Kids. We also do the Circle One Faze Shorty; again this has options for Men, Ladies and Kids.

For use in the winter we have the Circle One Icon for men or for the Ladies we have the Circle One Diva.


These can serve several uses, firstly they can be used under wetsuits as a base layer and they will also help to prevent chaffing. Secondly if you are having an over seas beach holiday you may wish to use a good quality rashvest such as the Circle One options as they have UV protection, this will help to keep the sun off you and prevent sunburn. Once again these are available for Men, Ladies and Kids.

Water Shoes

Water shoes are a great idea as they offer protection to your feet, It means than you and the children can run around happily on the beach with the safe knowledge you won't get any injury from stepping on something unpleasant. The basic water shoe offered at Up and Under is the Swarm Sprint but for greater warmth and protection you may want to look at the Palm Rock or the Peak UK Shoe. We also have a few options for children in the form of the Circle One slipper.

Keeping Your Dignity

When getting changed on a quiet beach its always quite easy, however when the beach is very busy you may wish to look at a changing towel. While you may not want to drop your towel it can be a bit embarrassing if you do! We have options here from Saltrock, Hydrorobe and also Dryrobe

Sit On Top Kayaking

This is an ideal way for exploring the local coastline. Sit on top kayaks are very easy to use and also offer very good levels of safety. You simply sit on top of them and in the event that you capsize you can simply turn the kayak back over and climb back on. Sit on top kayaks feature a unique bailing system that unlike more conventional kayaks you don't have to swim back to the waters edge to empty them.

There are several types of Sit on top kayak out there, single person, tandem person and also models that are ready fitted with rod mounts and holder for kayak fishing. This gives you the opportunity then to kayak during the day, catch your evening meal and then sit back in the sun to cook and eat your days catch. 


If you have not tried snorkelling before we would highly suggest you try it. There are some areas that are great and some are not so great, however there is so much to see underwater whether it be fish or just rock formation its all great fun. What do you need to have to go snorkelling? A wetsuit, a mask and snorkel, maybe some fins and some a bit of extra breath if you wish to duck dive down a bit deeper than your snorkel allows!

Body Boarding

This is one of the best things about going to the beach. Seeing the sets of clean waves coming in on a regular basis. With a body board you can swim out and then lie on your board and kick your legs, Once you can feel the board pick up speed your on your way. The range of body boards these days are vast, however the main thing you want to look at is something with a hard bottom. The Up and Under range that includes modes from Saltrock and Circle One are all good entry level options and will start you on your journey.


While there is not a lot you need to go coasteering other than a wetsuit some shoes, a buoyancy aid and a lot of courage it is well worth seeking out a local guide. If you are in the St David’s area of West Wales check out Celtic Quest Coasteering as they are a great bunch of people who will really look after you.

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