Fuel 4          


Fuel 4 Bio-ethanol Gel and Spirit Fuels  are designed and recommended for Spirit Burners such as Trangia. However, compared to Methylated Spirits they are made from renewable sources such as Sugar Beet, and are clean burning and smokeless.

You can choose from the Fuel 4 Spirit Fuel which take the form of a 750ml bottle of liquid with a child safety cap and spill reducing insert if you prefer liquid, or Fuel 4 Gel Fuel which are 200ml gel pouches which can be refilled from a 1 litre can. 

These products are:

Methanol Free

Long Burning compared to Methylated spirits

Smokeless so no more sooted pans

Clean burning with a 50% reduction in C02 emissions vs fossil fuels

Spill reducing or spill free

Eco-friendly being made from a renewable source

Useable in all major spirit burners e.g. Trangia.


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