Sea Kayaking Equipment or Sea Touring - End of Summer Sale.

As the summer kayaking season has now come to an end we are having a sale on our sea kayaking equipment. There are a number of different product lines on offer and a lot of them are highlighted below.

Sea Kayaks

Tiderace Xcape - The Tiderace Xcape is an entry-level expedition sea kayak that is suitable for beginner / intermediate paddlers. We have this one least demo sea kayak boat on offer; it’s seen very little use and is in need of a new home. Saving 27% off RRP

Tiderace Xplore - The Tiderace Xplore is an expedition sea kayak for the intermediate to advanced sea kayakers. We have a number of these sea kayaks available in a variety of different sizes, colours and constructions.  Saving up to 21% off RRP.

Tiderace Xcite - A playful sea kayak that is ideal for day trips. Available in 2 different sizes and several levels of construction. Saving up to 22% off RRP

P & H Scorpio LV - The P & H Scorpio is an expedition sea kayak that is made of 3-layer polyethylene. This is suitable for the smaller paddler and is currently saving 17% off RRP.

Sea Paddles

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Foundation Featherlock 2 Piece - A great entry-level sea kayak paddle that is tough and durable. It features a 2-piece shaft, so it’s ideal as a spare paddle for on the deck of your sea kayak. Saving 18% off RRP

Streamlyte Kinetic Tour Enthusiast featherlock 2 Piece - A great mid range sea kayak paddle that features nylon 12 blades. These are very tough and very durable; it is based on a 2-piece shaft and is a great paddle for rock hopping. Saving 18% off RRP.


Peak UK Adventure Zip - A top end sea kayak PFD that is easy to put on and off due to the front zip access, featuring lots of pockets. Saving 25% off RRP

Paddle Jackets

Palm Thalassa - A top end ladies sea kayaking cag, Fetaures a double waist, wrists an adjustable neck and also a hood. Saving 25% off RRP

Yak Adventure Paddle Jacket - A mid range sea cag that incorporates a large hood and a single waist. Saving 27% off RRP

Peak UK Adventure Double - A top end sea cag that features a double waist, double wrists seals and a large hood. Saving 31% off RRP

Palm Aegean - A mid range sea kayaking cag that has a single waist and neck seal. Saving 24% off RRP

Yak Strobe
- A basic entry-level cag that has got a single adjustable waist, neck and wrist seals. Saving 27% off RRP

Peak UK Tourlite Short
- A lightweight short sleeve cag that is ideal for use on sunny days. Saving 25% off RRP


Peak UK Explorer One Piece - A high specification dry suit for sea kayaking. Incorporates a hood and double wrists seals. Saving 27% off RRP

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