Jottnar Uller - Yak wool base layer



Jottnar Uller

Jottnar base layer - what a base layer!

No bull - it's Yak wool!

They've done it again, innovative use of extremely well selected fabrics to produce a product that we feel will suit anyone thats needs high levels of warmth for low weight in a baselayer but with many of the benefits that a sythetic baselayer can give. It of course looks great and it feels lovely and soft against the skin.

Yak wool component benefits: greater warmth for weight than Merino wool, natural odour control, fire retardance, greater temperature comfort range than pure synthetics.

Synthetic component benefits: improved wicking and drying times over pure wools, retains shape better especially when damp and more durable than pure wools.

Jottnar Uller has some key features that we love as well; the stand up soft, short collar, doesn't interfere with other garments or your chin but gives good comfy protection, the small zipped chest pocket is a useful addition and the chest zip gives good climate control. Oh and did we say it's lovely and soft.




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