For those wanting to know more about the Glasses.

Dirty Dog lenses use 4 UV filters to block out harmful UV rays and all their glasses are coated with scratch resistant layers. Most of their lenses are polarized which helps to eliminate glare in snow or water based environments making them ideal for skiing and kayaking. Some are available with mirrored lenses, which can also help reduce glare and reflection. The Wetglass lenses also feature a hydrophobic coating which causes the water to bead and shred from the glass quickly to maintain good, clear vision.
The lenses are all made from Polycarbonate, which is the most impact resistant optical material available. Paired with the scratch resistant coatings the lenses on your Dirty Dog glasses will be up to the job in the tough environment we know you will be using them!
Dirty Dog glasses are available with a variety of lens colours to suit different needs. We are primarily stocking the green tint lenses as they offer the best all round performance.
lens colours 
Frames & hinges
The hinges on an sunglass is obviously an integral part of the glasses design and structure. Dirty Dog use high quality, durable hinges with smooth action for ultimate performance.
The frames on Dirty Dog's plastic glasses are made from Grilamide TR90. This is an extremely light, flexible and strong thermoplastic polymide with 100% memory, so even after severe stress they will ‘bounce’ back to their original shape. This plastic has been proven to work well in all temperatures and humidity levels making them perfect for adventure sports where you could go from skiing in the alps to climbing scorching big walls in Yosemite! Glasses such as the Axle, Sythe and Stoat are examples of plastic framed glasses.

Sport Plastic
These frames use the same plastic as the standard glasses but are ergonomically shaped specifically to work in sporting environments. Many frames include venting to prevent fogging and rubber non slip temple tips and nose pads to ensure the glasses stay put no matter how vigorous the exercise! Glasses such as the Brix and Wiz fall into this category. 

As well as the hydrophobic lens coating the Wetglasses also have specially designed frames. The feature ‘Water Escape’ vents which channel water quickly away from the lenses to keep clear vision. The glasses also feature a detachable, adjustable elastic headband to keep the glasses secure on the water but fashionable off. Check out the Curl II.

For their metal frames Dirty Dog use a high quality, non-corrosive, non-oxidising metals with electro-plating and powder coating technologies combined with epoxy coatings. This creates good-looking, comfortable and lightweight frames. Look at the Doffer for classic Aviator glasses, or the Goose for a slimmer design

Hopefully you have managed to read all this without falling asleep! If you have (well done) then I you will know have a full understanding of what Dirty Dog sunglasses are made from and why we have chosen to add them to our current range of glasses alongside Julbo and Oakley! Check out our full range of glasses here!

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