Totem Cams and Trango Ballnutz

Trango Ballnutz

Many of you will be familiar with one of the various versions of sliding nuts that have been used by the top flight of climbers in the U.K. for years from watching them in videos and on the internet. The one that these guys return to again and again and that has stood the test of time is the Ballnut. Trango Ballnutz fit narrow parallel sided cracks where previously only pegs would fit. They increase your protection possibilites immensely on trad climbs where nuts won't stick due to the parallel sides of cracks and where traditional camming devices are just too big to fit or are too weak too work in a fall situation. Add to this the fact that they are half the price of traditional cams means that everyone should have a few on their rack. If you are lucky enough to own some micro-cams already we recommend getting hold of sizes 1, 2 and 3 and if you don't have any then why not get involved with a size range of 1 to 5.

Totem Cam Totem Cam 

Totemly awesome holding power and placement versatility are the names of the game with Totem and why not, thats what most climbers need, especially here in the UK where the rock variety is so great. We stock 2 models of camming device from Totem. The Totem Cam and the Totem Basic (see image at base of blog).

The Totem Basic (see image at base of blog) is a high holding power single stem camming device with a super flexible stem allowing for shallow placements, placements over edges and in shallow pockets.

The Totem Cam is a strange looking beast with huge holding power and an ability to take loading on only 2 cams. The clever twin stem design of this device combined with some serious geometrically calculated workings offers the ultimate in versatility and holding power for pockets, parallel sided and seriously flared cracks. There are 4 clipping points for 2 cam loading on either side or for standard and extended clipping. Follow the link to the product for more info and a Totem Cam Review by staff member Ollie Burrows of this device from a recent trip to the States.

Totem Basic Cam

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