The best waterproof jackets available

It's a bold claim I know, but we feel that we have the best waterproof jackets that are available in each class.

Mountaineering Waterproof Jackets

All brands have a pinnacle waterproof shell that is designed for those of us that spend prolonged periods out in bad weather doing the most demanding things in the most demanding regions of the earth. These jackets have a number of specific features and are well and truly aimed at mountaineers and climbers. The leading fabrics and designs to consider for such requirements must give great waterproofness, great breathability and huge durability.

Crux Shok JacketGORE-TEX® Mountaineering Shells

The market leader for breathable waterproof membranes is GORE-TEX® and their GORE-TEX®  Pro three-layer construction provides by far their most appropriate option, but beware for not all GORE-TEX®  Pro garments are equal. For durability a high denier fabric is key and 80D is as good as it gets. The best of the very few jackets out there with an 80D fabric throughout the product is the Arc'teryx Alpha SV Jacket. Combine this N80p-X fabric with their superb ergonomical 3-dimensional patterning, high quality manufacturing processes and attention to every detail and feature of the jacket makes this a supreme stand out piece yet it only weighs 650g and is the top of our range overall.

eVent® Mountaineering Shells

The next most popular breathable membrane on the market is eVent® which offers slightly greater breathability, and air-permeability over GORE-TEX® Pro but is slightly less durable, especially if you don't wash it regularly enough (remember having clean kit maintains performance in any product). Jottnar BergelmirStanding head and shoulders above the rest here is the range from Crux and we favour the Crux Shok Jacket as it provides hand-warmer pockets as opposed to cross-over or Napoleon pockets (the alternative Flak Jacket has Napoleon style pockets if that's what you need). Slightly lighter than the Arc'teryx offering at around 600g this jacket has a bomber feel to it's 172 g/m² 3-layer eVent fabric and chunky Riri Aquazip.

Polartec® Neoshell® Mounatineering Shells

The most breathable durable membrane on the market is Polartec® Neoshell®, which offers improved breathability over eVent and has built in stretch meaning it can be tailored slightly snugger than the others. Standing head and shoulders above everyone in terms of face fabric quality is the Jottnar Bergelmir. The Bergelmir uses a unique to Jottnar, super burly 168 g/m² 3-layer Polartec® Neoshell® fabric which combines with a fantastic cut and features list to make this a sure winner.

So if you want the best then where else can you try on the best GORE-TEX shell; the Arc'teryx Alpha SV Jacket, the best eVent shell; the Crux Shok Jacket and the best Polartec Neoshell; the Jottnar Berglemir all under one roof - Up and Under - the only place you need to visit.

Arcteryx Theta AR Jacket TwinleafWalkers Waterproof Jackets

Whilst the above jackets cross-over well into hill walking and backpacking not everyone wants the climbing features of these headlining products and therefore we have selected what we feel are the best jackets for long days and multiple days country, hill and mountain walking. Serious walkers still require great waterproof protection and excellent breathability, but durability can be compromised on slightly as you won't be rubbing up against granite rock faces all day. This effectively saves a little weight and enables a longer cut to be considered especially as you won't be trying to wear a harness with your jacket.

The Arc'teryx Theta AR Jacket takes all that is great about GORE-TEX®  Pro three-layer construction and puts it into a N40r-X fabric that has the N80p-X of the Alpha SV in key wear areas such as over the shoulders.This is our flagship hill-walkers waterproof jacket and is a thing of beauty.

The Rab Bergen Jacket has been around in various guises for a number of years but new for winter 2015/16 it has had a revamp which makes it look fantastic and along with the great levels of Rab Bergen Jacketbreathability and air-permeability provided by eVent® and Rab's excellent fit this jacket is not to be ignored for all serious walkers in damp, humid, UK conditions.

This range is complemented by more jackets from these brands and others such as Marmot, so you don't need to try anywhere else for your waterproof jacket. Up and Under truly is an outdoor lovers one-stop-shop. For more information and options check out our full waterproof jacket range. This includes some super light weight options for walkers, climbers and runners amongst others.

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