Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite - Lightweight Sit On Top Kayak

The Tootega Pulse 85 has now been around for a number of years. As one of the UK's (and also the World's) leading kayak manufactures, Tootega have felt they need to demonstrate to the UK Paddling market that they are able to take things forwards and really show people what can be done. They have done this in two main areas, firstly they have launched the Pulse 85 Hydrolite and secondly they have also launched a new brand of Canadian Canoe - Silverbirch Canoes!

The Pulse 85 is a single seat sit on top kayak that is perfect for paddlers up to 90kg in weight. It is also ideal for exploring the local coast line, playing in the surf at your local beach and also a spot of kayak fishing at your local lake. The original version weighs in at 17kg which is already quite light. However with more Children getting into sit on top kayaking and people taking early retirement, buying high motor homes and starting sit on top kayaking, they saw a need and demand to produce a lightweight sit on top kayak. The Pulse 85 Hydrolite was born!

The Pulse 85 Hydrolite is not just a single coloured version of the original Pulse 85 with a thinner plastic; it’s a totally new development. The manufacturing process uses a white-water grade plastic, a different set of computer programmes and some very clever levels of insulation in the oven and around the mould. The Hydrolite Pulse 85 now weighs in at an impressive 13kg. Not only does it make it lighter to carry, it also gives better levels of performance as you can through the boat around better on a wave.

Keep your eyes peeled, for the 2016 season they are also talking about a Hydrolite version of their popular Tootega Kinetic 100.

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