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Edelrid Added Safety Cake

Edelrid have always produced good quality climbing products and now they have incorporated added safety into many items in their latest range to offer some exciting innovations that add an extra element of safety to your climbing. Edelrid are going above and beyond the norm to bring you extra safety throughout the belay system and beyond. Oh and they bring great cakes when they come to visit too.

Edelrid HMS Strike FGStarting at the beginning of the belay system the connection to your harness we find the belay krab.

Belay karabiners can have an annoying ability to rotate into incorrect, often weaker orientations when you are belaying so Edelrid incorporate the FG into their belay krabs. This spring bar holds the karabiner in place in the correct orientation when belaying and thus prevents gate / cross loading. It features on the super durable HMS Bruce Steel FG which is great for outdoor centres and the HMS Strike FG and HMS Strike Slider FG which will suit most individual climbers.

Edelrid Pure SliderWhilst not really a technical issue, there is always the possibility that you or your belayer will forget to screw the gate up on their karabiner (we recommend the Buddy system where you not only check your setup but also your mates setup before each climb). To help the more forgetful amongst us Edelrid have introduced the Slider gate which operates as easily as a snap gate but always locks automatically and weighs very little as well. As well as the belay krab HMS Strike Slider FG, we love it in the HMS Strike Slider for swift rigging and in the Pure Slider which is basically a light snap gate that actually locks automatically and weighs only 42g. Use it on slings and sling draws where your biner can be slapping around on the edges of corners and overhangs a lot to increase safety.

Belay devices tend to fit into a couple of categories, non-assisted and assisted breaking. Devices like the Black Diamond ATC are classic non-assisted breaking, whilst the Petzl Grigri is Edelrid Mega Julthe most well known assisted breaking device out there. Assisted breaking is a great added safety feature which means your belay device will lock up even in the event of a fall when your belayer is distracted. This added safety can also help to increase your leaders confidence to go for it so is well worthwhile. A lot of assisted-breaking devices only work on single ropes and require the user to learn how to belay in a completely knew way. The Edelrid Jul series of devices offer assisted breaking in a belay method that is the same as a device like an ATC and work on single and double ropes which makes them highly practical and with added safety. The Micro Jul fits really skinny ropes so is ideal for ice climbers, whilst the Mega Jul works with ropes from 7.8 to 10.5mm, we've used it on wall ropes with great success as well. All Jul belay devices are designed to work the best with Edelrid HMS Strike karabiners.

Edelrid Adjustable Belay Station SlingSticking with belaying many people like to rig up belays using slings and will often end up knotting slings which reduces their strength, so you either need to use really strong slings like the Edelrid Tech Web Sling (a dyneema core, covered in nylon this has the strength and low weight of dyneema with the durability of grip of nylon) or try an Edelrid Adjustable Belay Station Sling. This great sling uses a zip-lock adjuster (like a harness buckle) to achieve the perfect length with no strength compromises, it's also a lot quicker.

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