Patagonia High Alpine Kit

Only available from very select specialist outdoor retailers (in fact Up and Under are the only retailer with stock currently) the Patagonia High Alpine Kit range offers the best clothing for your fast, light, high mountaineering adventures both high up in the summer and during the winter. Unlike many top end ranges the Patagonia High Alpine range doesn't ignore female mountaineers providing a women's option for all but one product.

The range includes a seriously warm and well featured down jacket that will keep you alive on a gnarly belay in a Patagonian storm. To match up with this and keep your lower body warm are some breathable Nano-Air filled trousers for ladies and gents.

When it's not so cold or you are moving fast Nano-Air Light filled hoodies for men and women will keep you comfy and warm, whilst a light alpine waterproof smock or jacket for ladies and a pair of amazing stretch waterproof trousers will keep the elements at bay whilst keeping you moving up or away from your goal at speed.

Of course you'll need to carry some kit with you and thats where the High Alpine exclusive coloured Patagonia Ascensionist Pack 45L comes into it's own.

The stock that you can see on our website is all that we can get our hands on until January 2017 at the earliest so we urge you to get down to Up and Under to pick up something a little bit extra special that very few people in the world have access to.

Patagonia M's Grade VII Down Parka

A gorgeous super-warm down jacket for technical use at bivvies, belays and camps or for severely cold manouvers. Filled with 800US Fill Power traceable goose down in a high quality nylon face fabric that will keep most weather at bay and a glued baffle construction to keep surface seams and cold spots at a minimum. The lining uses elasticized stitching to keep the fill snug to your body, trapping air extremely effectively whilst giving you a hug, yet never restricting your movement. With a helmet accepting hood, copious internal and external pockets for keeping things, warm and safe. The gorgeous cuffs work well with mitts and the clever hem acts as a snowskirt. A winter Alpinists must have.

Patagonia M's M10 Anorak and Patagonia W's M10 Jacket

The M10 is a classic fast, light mountaineering jacket with a distinguished Patagonia pedigree. Specific to the High Alpine Kit range is the Mens Smock, Anorak or Pull-On, whose half zip reduces weight and is absolutely the bomb for serious climbers and mountaineers. The women's fit option comes in a full-length zipped jacket in a High Alpine Kit specific purple colour with orange details that is simply stunning.

Patagonia M's Galvanized Pants and Patagonia W's Galvanized Pants

The highlight of the High Alpine Range for a couple of our staff, the Patagonia Galvanized Pants are a lightweight, durable, stretchy, breathable waterproof mountaineering trouser that are just gorgeous to wear either over a base layer or a trouser. The gents feature braces, whilst the women's have a very neat and harness friendly pull closure, both include a front to back zip through crotch for all calls of nature in extremis.

Patagonia High Alpine Kit for Men

Patagonia M's Nano-Air Light Hoody and Patagonia W's Nano-Air Light Hoody

When Patagonia's Nano-Air Hoody hit the market it was a revelation, low bulk, lightweight synthetic insulation encased in a wind and moisture shedding face fabric with high levels of breathability and a bit of stretch. The holy grail of technical mid layer insulation had been reached. Loved by many of our staff but unfortunately a bit too warm for pushing hard in, we looked forward to something a bit lighter that can be used for hard and high Alpine mountaineering or late season energetic days in the Highlands, Lakes and Welsh Hills and now we have it in our hands (and our shop).

Patagonia M's Nano-Air Light Pants and Patagonia W's Nano-Air Light Pants

Don't ever get cold legs again. Imagine soft, stretchy, lined synthetic insulation that doesn't get sweaty and keeps wind and moisture at bay - we have it and you can too - using Patagonia's 40 gram FullRange™ Nano-Air Light in a gorgeous warm mountain trouser (or pant if you're from the other side of the pond). Active use insulation for cold conditions that will provide a good emergency back up piece due their small pack size and low weight.

Patagonia Ascensionist Pack 45L

Of course you need something to pack all your lovely new High Alpine Kit in and that has be to the Patagonia Ascensionist Pack 35L or 45L. These great climbing rucksacks are available in a unique white, orange and blue Patagonia High Alpine Kit colourway. They are highly functional with a tight but useful feature set. You can overpack them when your rope has frozen or your need some extra bivvy kit. The external compression straps and daisy chains mean carrying other products like bivvy mats, crampons and poles are easy. The back frame and padded hipbelt are removable (which Chris has found his preffered way to use his Ascensionist 35L) which drops the weight further. Two great packs in an exclusive and seriously cool colour.

So that's the Patagonia High Alpine Kit range and what a great selection it is. We love it and are sure that you will too. Check it out on our website and then come and see it in store today. Availability on this gear is seriously limited and we can't get any top ups until January 2017 at the earliest, so don't delay come and try it today.

If you can't wait until you get to Up and Under why not read a pre-release Patagonia High Alpine Review at UKC.

Need more inspiration to climb High Alpine fast and light we recommend the Speed of Light Patagonia Alpine Climbing film below.

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