Raidlight Calf Guards - Initial Review

Raidlight Compress SeamlessWhile not doing a decent mileage just yet, recovering from knee problems and preparing for a 1100 mile paddle in the next few months, I usually suffer from tight calf muscles, with usually the Soleus giving more problems. As well as stretching and massage to help improve matters, I’ve also invested in some of the Compress Seamless Compression Calf Guards from Raidlight to see if they can help.

After two runs, I’m impressed. There’s less fatigue and tightness, with day-after stiffness being reduced by about 90% in my estimation. The runs haven’t been particularly fast or strenuous, and have been road based, but lower legs definitely felt better than the runs in the weeks before.

Wearing the calf sleeves, they are extremely comfortable – the seamless construction and graduated compression mean no tight bands – and the top and bottom cuff have the same elasticity as the fabric next to them, so there is no increase in the amount of compression at the top and bottom of the guards, as I remember having in a type of guards that I borrowed from a friend a year or so ago.

I’m looking forward to getting out on trails with them, and after the kayaking expedition building up the mileage.

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