Andy Foster

1985 -  2017

Andy Foster

Andy Foster was an inspirational member of the Up and Under family. He was a highly regarded member of staff for five years, before he took a job with Patagonia. He remained a dedicated friend of Up and Under, and was regularly to be found in the store.

His passion for the outdoors, and mountains in particular, was enormous and infectious. Andy and Lucy’s intentions upon returning from Yosemite were, with the help of Andy’s father, to covert a van into a motorhome to enable them to explore the European Alps for the next twelve months

It was then our hope that Andy would return to Up and Under in a part time consultative role, whilst he also chased other ambitions.

Andy was highly respected, loved and his loss will be sorely felt by us all.

Our thoughts are with Lucy and his family.

Cam and Bear Fund for Adventure

In memory of Andrew Foster, his family are raising funds that will be used to help young people, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, to experience, enjoy and respect the great outdoors and our natural environment through adventures such as climbing, skiing, surfing and other similar activities.

"Andy's love of the outdoors and the natural world was absolutely infectious. As a passionate climber, Andy loved learning new skills and in turn absolutely revelled in sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Sadly Andrew was taken from us in a tragic rock fall accident in the most heroic and brave circumstances shielding and saving someone he loved.

We would therefore like to honour his memory, general enthusiasm for life and love for encouraging others to experience the great outdoors, by establishing the 'Cam & Bear fund for adventure'. Our ultimate mission is to establish an ongoing charity in Andrew's name, aimed at providing young people more opportunities to experience the types of activities that Andrew loved, whilst also learning the importance of protecting our natural environment. You can learn more about the type of person Andrew was by visiting his 'blog' that he and his wife had set up to share their adventures, experience and tips on climbing to hopefully inspire others:"

Climbers the world over are offering condolences and thoughts for Andy. Those of us who live near Yosemite and call it part of our home areas certainly understand this could have been any of us. Many of us have walked that very path. Very dad event. There are literally hundreds of volunteers in Yosemite Valley this week, there for the annual Yosemite Facelift cleanup event. Many of them are climbers and there is usually a strong international contingent. I know Andy is on all of their minds too, as they go about their selfless tasks of cleaning up the garbage of others.

ps. I should have included a word for Lucy. We are so close to this it has been all over the radio, television and internet. We watched in near real time as brave rescue crews literally risked their lives to run into the rockfall zone and get her out of there. So relieved she made it and wishing her a speedy revocery from her physical injuries and may she find solace in her anguish as well.

Really nicely put, thank you guys. We all loved Andy so much x

Very sad indeed. Don't know what to say. Heartfelt condolences to family and friends.

My condolences to the loss of one of your own. I'm not sure how you all refer to each other on the other side of the big salty pond, but across North America we refer to each other -- climbers, dirtbags, skiiers, etc. alike -- as one Tribe. One big family spread out around the land, living in cars and tents.

Andrew was a climber, Lucy is a climber; therefore they're one of our own, as are all of you at Up and Under. Is there any way we can contribute to Lucy's recovery? Support her financially to help her take time to recover?
If we could start a GoFundMe or some sort of crowd-fund/fundraiser for her and Andrew's family, or even a memorial of some sort, I think that a lot of other members of the tribe would contribute in some manner.

I didn't know Andy or Lucy, saddened to see this news. My girlfriend and I have been fortunate to live in the Swiss Alps for the last few years. I'm a not a climber, but where we live gives us access to MTB, skiing, ski touring, mountain walking. We refer to it as our "Cathedral of the Great Outdoors", Andy and Lucy clearly shared the same church. Thoughts with Lucy and wishes for a good recovery.
Dave W.

I live just outside Yosemite, only a small part of my overwhelming sadness over this couple being separated in such a tragic accident. If there is a crowd fund for her and a place to send her well wishes from the states where she has suffered this loss , and possibly her health please share any information on where we can send prayers and contributions. I will pass it on.

So sad to hear of your loss :-(
I hope he inspires you for the rest of your days with his Legacy.

In so many ways, Andy's path mirrors that of my wife and I. We worked at an outdoor store for 5 years, we lived in a truck camping and climbing for a year, and have spent many days in Yosemite sharing our love of the mountains. It's not hard imaging this being us.

To Lucy Andys family and friends, and the staff at Up and Under my condolences. I have bought equipment from Up and Under in the past, always served by keen and knowledgeable staff, are you raising any money for Lucy? I hope she recovers quickly.

My heartfelt condolences and sympathy to Lucy on the loss of Andy.
Read about the rockfall tragedy, without realising the connection with Up and Under. Have visited Yosemite and watched with awe the skill and tenacity of the folks climbing there.
As a canoeist, I feel safer on water. Climbers feel safer on rocks. But we share a common goal - the challenges of the outdoors to overcome.
My best wishes to all for the future

Read about rockfall tragedy on El Capitan without realising former Up and Under relationship.
As kayakist, I realise the challenges and adventures that we rise to and take on. Climbers are no different. The one thing we all enjoy are the challenges outdoor pursuits give us. Sadly however, things can go wrong with disastrous results. Having visited and watched these awesome folks using skill and tenacity to overcome the challenges a climb presents, I send my heartfelt condolences to Lucy and Andys family and friends. God bless.

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