Sweet Protection - The Iconic Sweet Protection Logo, 1997 to 2019!

Sweet Protection Logo Old Black White Small Sweet Protection is a Norway based manufacturer who produce a great a range of kayak helmets, they also have a great offering of technical kayak clothing as well as apres kayak clothing and kayaking t shirts. They also have a great logo that is easy to spot.

The Iconic Sweet Protection logo that is pictured on the right has been around for many years, it also often appears in a coloured version which is also shown below left.

The most popular kayak helmet they produce is the Sweet Strutter, this was also the first whitewater paddling helmet they produced. It was launched way back in 1997. This peaked kayak helmet was always in short supply for many years and this kept it in high demand! The Sweet Strutter has always carried the large classic "S" logo on the front, this makes it easy to recognise and also makes it stand out. The same Iconic logo has also appeard on their other helmets such as the Rocker and also the Wanderer.

Sweet Logo Old Red Black White S
When your not on the water, you can still show your love for the Sweet Protection brand by styling it up in the Sweet Logo T Shirt. The Sweet Protection range of techncial kayak clothing also carries the classic logo, however it is often much smaller due to manufacturing guidelines for the breathabiltiy of fabrics. But to look stylish on the water you can get the best levels of staying dry in the Sweet Intergalactic Drysuit, the Supernova Kayak Dry Top or the Sabrosa Shorty Dry Top. Both of the latter products are also well finished with some of the best kayak shorts available, the Sweet Shambala Shorts!

However, from 2019 all of this is going to change. The older more classic Sweet Protection Logo, will be replaced. The new logo is slightly different, however it does feature the whole name "Sweet Protection" Some people have descirbed the new logo as a marmite product, you love it or hate it! So, its out with the old and in with the new! The new Sweet Protection logo is shown below and to the right. 

Sweet Logo New Black White Small Do you still love the Iconic Logo? If so, we have good stocks of the Sweet Rocker, the Wanderer and the Strutter. We also have a selection of other Sweet Protection items which can all be found here!

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