White Water Consultancy is a name that has been very popular with UK Kayakers for many years.

White Water Consultancy first opened their doors in the West Wales village of Llandysul, right opposite what is now Llandysul Paddlers Canoe Centre. It was the dream of a young man by the name of Huw Evans.

Huw was often spotted in and around Wales with his old VW Camper van selling the kit that you wanted at every opportunity.

When he first opened, he stocked a wide range of kayaks that included brands such as Pyranha, Perception, Prijon and Eskimo. All great kayak brands from days gone by. As time moved on, Huw and White Water Consultancy moved to Bronwydd to the shop that we now all know. Later, they also became a UK Distruibutor for Mad River Canoe, Wavesport Kayaks and also Wilderness Systems Kayaks. It was Huw's passion that took White Water Consultancy and those three Canoe and Kayak brands to where they were at the prime of West Wales distribution.

Sadly, back in December 2017, Huw passed away whilst in Costa Rica.

Moving on to late 2018, the area of West Wales, where White Water Consultancy was based, saw copius amounts of rain. This extreme weather did vast amounts of damage to the area; Llandysul Paddlers Canoe Centre was one destination that seemed to take a huge battering, not long before the Teifi Tour, the campsite was well and truly underwater. Luckily they are now getting back on their feet. Unfortunately, White Water Consulatancy wasn't so lucky.

We are sorry to hear that, what was one of the original Canoe and kayak retailers in the UK, has now ceased trading.

However, Up and Under are still here and we are happy to assist you with your Canoe, Kayak, Sit On top Kayak and also your SUP needs.

Visit our packed Watersports website here!

UK Watersports Brands that are stocked at Up and Under Cardiff.

Sit On Top Kayak Brands, Tootega, Islander, Wilderness Systems, Venture Kayaks, Ocean Kayak,

Paddle Brands, Werner Paddles, TNP, Ainsworth, Streamlyte,

Misc Brands  - Whetman Equipment, Wild Water, Shred Ready, C-Tug Trolleys, HF Equipment, Kanulock, Nookie, Predator Helmets, Dryrobe, Eckla, Thule,

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) - Jobe

If we have missed any out, we apologise!

If you have not shopped with Up and Under (Outdoor Gear) before, you may not be aware, we are a lot more than a Canoe and Kayak Store. We are also a great Outdoor Pursuits Shop. We sell gear to cover a wide range of other sports such as Rock Climbing, Caving, Bushcraft, Canyoning, Hill Walking, Camping and also Fell and Ultra Running. Not only do we have a large retail shop, we also have a Outdoor contract department to deal with Outdoor Education Supplies.

Happy Paddling, Caving, Climbing! We hope to see you sometime soon...

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