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As an outdoor retailer we're aware that our business relies on the manufacturing, transportation and consumption of gear and related products. In an attempt to reduce our environmental impact, we're making a concious effort to implement sustainable change throughout the business. This means that when you walk through our doors, you can feel good about any purchase and know it's just a matter of finding the right product to suit your needs.

What we're doing as a company:
  • Sustainable brands - not only do we choose gear that looks good, but we also carefully select brands that sell ethical products with little impact on the environment - without compromising on quality.
  • Recycled packaging - we use recycled packaging to send orders out wherever possible.
  • No plastic bags - We no longer provide plastic bags for customers, and encourage them to use their own bags.
  • Knowledgeable staff - we make sure that all of our customers are well informed on their purchase so that they can get the right product the first time around, taking durability and longevity into account.
  • No air conditioning - We don't use air conditioning (Please help me I'm melting!)
  • LED lights - Almost all lights across the premises are LED
  • Sustainable living - Our staff are not only encouraged to use renewable suppliers in their own homes, but are also encouraged to cycle, run or walk to work (Don't worry - we do have a shower!)
  • Repair, Reuse, Recycle: We take a proactive approach to owner responsibility by encouraging customers to carry out their own repairs. Our store is well stocked with the necessary tools such as Tenacious Tape, Seamgrip, Silnet, repair kits, etc.. Completed warranties that cannot be repaired but are still functional are provided to relevant local charities. If repairs are not possible and a product has come to the end of its lifecycle, we provide appropriate recycling bins.


See how some of the many brands we carry are working towards social and environmental sustainability and responsibility through the materials and technologies they use...

  • Reduce: Buff works with suppliers who are as dedicated as them to reduce their use of all natural resources and have a range of eco-friendly products that are made with renewable resources.
  • Reuse: Buff has partnered with Repreve® to develop their CoolNet UV+ fabric which is made with 95% recycled polyester microfiber from recycled clear bottles. The collected bottles are chopped into bits that are then melted into a recycled fiber. 
CoolNet UV+ Buff
  • Recycle: The company does its best to repurpose anything they can't use in the products themselves, whether it's from design to the actual production process. So things like paper and leftover textile bits are repurposed and given a new life.

Grangers is committed to protecting outdoor enthusiasts against the elements as well as protecting the environment and its product users. A huge selection of their aftercare products are bluesign® approved, which means that resources were used responsibly. It was also manufactured with the lowest possible impact on people and the environment, and the entire brand is now also PFC-free, making it super safe for the whole family!

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The company's entire product line is now being manufactured with bio-based bioplastics, which are plastics derived from renewable crops such as corn, sugar cane and tree cellulose. This means that they have found a way to offer products with the same properties as the plastic we know without having anything to do with the oil industry.
On top of all their products being bio-based, they use recycled and re-usable materials for all their packaging and displays.

Pack-up-Cup Bio

See range of Light My Fire® products

Marmot's working towards envrionmental and social sustainability in several ways:
  • Reducing PFCs with their environmentally friendly DWR
  • Using fabrics that are bluesign® approved, using industrial nylon waste as well as coastal and marine plastics to create new yarn that's recycled/upcycled
  • Using solution/dope dying which reduces water use and saves energy
  • Using responsible down which is cruelty-free sourced down. 

EVODry range
PreCip® Eco range
Featherless™ ECO range
100% upcycled nylon
100% recycled nylon
75% upcycled insulation materials immitating warmth of down
100% PFC-free Long-lasting DWR
Bluesign® approved
Solution Dye

Marmot phoenix jacket - hardshell jacket - men's

Men's Phoenix EVODry Jacket

Men's PreCip® Eco Full Zip Pants

Women's Featherless Hybrid Jacket

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Palm Equipment produces the Islander Kayaks, which are the world's first recycled marine waste kayaks. With the Odyssey Innovation, they're able to transform used plastics such as old fishing nets, bottles or buoys and remold them into 100% recycled kayaks. Amongst these are the Calypso Recycled and Fiesta Recycled kayaks.
Calypso recycled Fiesta Recycled
Fun fact! The boats come out different colours every time because the mix of recycled plastics is always different. Palm also uses the expelled air from the ovens to heat their factories!

Patagonia is probably one of - if not the - most socially and environmentally-active outdoor brands out there. Their stores act as activism hubs by funding and supporting environmental work in their communities and commisioning research projects. They encourage their employees to take part in environmental internships by working with local NGOs. And when it comes to their line, they focus on quality and durability in hopes of fighting consumerism and reducing waste.
Materials and Technology
Their aim is to use 100% recycled, reclaimed or bio-based fabrics, and they're off to a great start! With e-fibers like recycled down, refibra™ lyocell, recycled polyester, recycled wool, tencel® lyocell, yulex®, organic cotton and reclaimed cotton, they're on their way to only using renewable resources.
  • Men's Fitz Roy Responsibili-tee®
While organic cotton is great, reclaimed cotton is a next step up. Used cotton scraps - organic and not - are swept up from factory floors and respun into functional fabrics, reducing hundreds of tons of waste and saving resources. The Responsibili-Tee® range is made with 100% recycled fabrics such as repurposed plastic or reclaimed cotton.
Watch this space for something exciting planned for 2020!
The Nano Puff range uses Primaloft® Gold Insulation Eco: 55% recycled materials for the fill and 100% recycled outter, making it an eco-friendly synthetic option.
The revolutionary PlumaFill synthetic insultaion replicates the structure of down offering a great warmth to weight ratio, even when wet.

The Worn Wear® program is physical proof of how Patagonia lives and breathes repair, reuse, recycle. The initiative encourages people to repair their own gear to extend its life instead of throwing it away. From repairs in store, to offering repair services on the road from their van and now online, they're educating people on the importance of reusing gear that still has life in it and giving them the knowledge and means of caring for it themselves so it gives it a second life.

Apparel that's beyond repair can still be repurposed into new fabrics.... Any recyclable items can be brought to our store and we can pass them on!

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