With such unpredictable, wet and windy weather, waterproof jackets are a must in this country. We all have one… and maybe some of you even have two. But how ‘green’ is your waterproof? Do you know how it was made or what materials were used to build it?

Most of the world’s clothing is made from polyester, which is a plastic that’s derived from oil. And to get from oil to jacket there’s a whooooole lot that happens in between that most of us aren’t aware of. How many hands are involved in the production? How much water is used in the making of? Where do all the materials travel from? How do you actually turn oil into polyester and how many chemicals are used? Clothing production has such a negative impact on the environment that we’d all want to walk around naked if we knew the whole story.

The actual process of transforming raw materials into the plastics we use in clothing releases enormous amounts of gases into the air we breathe. ‘In just one year, the clothing industry will contribute 1.2 billion tons of CO2 emissions into our air. That’s as many emissions as international flights and maritime shipping combined.’¹

To do their part, Patagonia is moving towards 100% renewable and recycled materials. Their aim is to use synthetic and natural fibers both from pre-consumer (waste created during the manufacturing process) and post-consumer waste (waste created from consumer use) without compromising on performance. So you’re still getting that jacket you can rely on to protect you from the elements. And by doing so, they’re reducing carbon emissions and lessening their dependence on raw materials like fossil fuels.

Only 15% of the whole clothing industry uses recycled materials and ‘less than 1% of material used to make clothing gets turned into new clothing every year’. There’s a huge margin for improvement. This season Patagonia has managed to get recycled materials into 69% of their entire line. And they’re now using recycled materials in 100% of their waterproof shells. ‘If the clothing industry recycled at the same rate as Patagonia, we could reduce the equivalent emissions needed to power every household in California for one year.’² 

Well, on a more positive note, you’ll be happy to know that in store we carry Patagonia’s Galvanized Jacket for both men and women! Its face fabric uses 100% recycled polyester and is 100% Fair Trade Certified. Now that’s some weather protection you can feel good about. If you’re looking for a waterproof you should definitely consider coming in to try it. It’s stunning! It offers the perfect balance between weight, durability, freedom of movement and weather protection.

We have a couple other models of Patagonia shells left on the sales rack as well, and a ton of other pieces they make that are also recycled… Come in and find yourself a bargain! Or have a look on our website for more Patagonia gear.

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