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Sweet have become 'THE' brand to have on your head for extreme sports, providing stylish, comfortable, and, above all, protective Helmets.
Sweet also have a range of Cags and drysuits to compliment the elemental protection side of the business, and and range of other fashionable bankwear too.
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£920.33 (inc Vat)
Watersports Clothing Drysuits White-Water Intergalactic Dry Suit Sweet
Intergalactic Dry Suit

The Sweet Intergalactic is a gore tex drysuit that's ideal for white water kayaking. This high specification kayaking drysuit is made of the highest grade of Gore Tex Pro which also features the ocean technolog...

£414.00 (inc Vat)
Watersports Clothing Canoe-Cags White-Water Supernova Sweet

The Sweet Protection Supernova is the best kayak dry cag that we sell. This whitewater kayak cag features a full Gore-Tex construction and is designed to work in the toughest of conditions. The Sweet Supernova ...

£276.25 (inc Vat)
Watersports Clothing Helmets Fullface Rocker Fullface Sweet
Rocker Fullface

The Sweet Rocker Fullface is a top end kayaking helmet. This full face kayaking helmet is available in two different sizes of M/L and L/XL. It also features a small amount of internal adjustment; this is achiev...

Special Offer £219.90 (inc Vat)
You save 37%
Watersports Clothing Bankwear Waterproofs Jailbreak Jacket Sweet
Jailbreak Jacket

The Sweet Jailbreak, a great waterproof that is made from Gore Tex Active. Features a large hood and two chest pockets.

Special Offer £175.00 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Watersports Clothing Helmets Sidecut Rocker Sweet

The Sweet Rocker, the ultimate helmet for white water kayaking! It is available in two sizes for the perfect fit and 4 colours, so you can look stylish while out on the water. It is manufactured from a 3 layer ...

£156.82 (inc Vat)
Watersports Clothing Helmets Sidecut Strutter Sweet

The Sweet Strutter, an iconic paddling helmet, based around the American style base ball cap, designed in Norway and dating back to 1997. This peaked kayak helmet features a very low profile design and it fits ...

Special Offer £142.50 (inc Vat)
You save 24%
Watersports Clothing Helmets Sidecut Strutter Limited Edition Sweet
Strutter Limited Edition

The Sweet Strutter is a peaked kayaking helmet. The Limited Edition is limited to one run, and when they're gone, they're gone!

Special Offer £129.90 (inc Vat)
You save 31%
Watersports Clothing Bankwear Insulation Nutshell Jacket WMN's Sweet
Nutshell Jacket WMN's

The Sweet Nutshell Jacket, an ideal coat for putting on having been on a cold winter day paddling. Insulated with 100grams of Primaloft Gold.

£120.18 (inc Vat)
Watersports Clothing Helmets Sidecut Wanderer Sweet

The Sweet Protection Wanderer is one of the best kayaking helmets available. This kayak helmet is available in three size options and also comes with a rear adjuster, combined this helps to give a near perfect ...

£92.33 (inc Vat)
Watersports Clothing Wetsuits Shorts-and-Trousers Shambala Shorts Sweet
Shambala Shorts

The Sweet Shambala, the ultimate pair of shorts for kayaking. There perfect to compliment your Sweet Rocker helmet! Inside the shorts there is a thin neoprene liner that will give some warmth and a degree of pa...

Special Offer £74.50 (inc Vat)
You save 42%
Watersports Clothing Bankwear Insulation Generator Jacket Women Sweet
Generator Jacket Women

The Sweet Protection Generator, a merino wool jacket that offers great levels of warmth in the winter months.

£70.24 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Watersports Clothing Body-Armour Bearsuit Elbow Pads Sweet
Bearsuit Elbow Pads

The Sweet Bearsuit Elbow pads come in several different sizes. They're also designed to suit the right and left hand arms. The pads are clearly labelled to make sure you get them the correct way round. The main...

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