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Sleeping mats

A durable, full-length sleeping mat that weighs only 258g and packs as small as a drinks can, amazing. This is the lightest full length (183cm) ever produced and is seriously revolutionary stuff.

How does the Klymit Inertia X Frame work? Well its an air bed with narrow tubular chambers so that the air that you warm doesn't move away from you (the usual issue with airbeds), these tubes are joined together by short tubes that sit in the head, shoulder, hips, calves and feet areas. So whether you are lieing on your back or side your are comfortably supported away from the ground.

But what about all those gaps? This is the key to the mats success, each gap allows your sleeping bag to loft and therefore insulate you, which can't happen on traditional mats as the bags fill just gets crushed. So the chambers are just filled with air which weighs nothing, the gaps are just air which weighs nothing, yet they aid breathability, they all help keep you warm and they pack to nothing!

What is the Klymit Inertia X Frame made from? The actual walls of each chamber is made from a durable 75 Denier Polyester on the base and a lightweight 30 Denier Ripstop nylon on the top, so this is where you get your lightweight durability. The burst pressure of the mat is 10psi which is significantly higher than other lightweight mats. Click here to see Klymit's American blurb about the product and some interesting You Tube footage of someone trying to break the mat. On top of that the materials are NobleTek™ enabled so you can use Klymit's Argon filled canisters to inflate the mat providing even more warmth.

How do I inflate my Klymit Inertia X Frame? You can inflate it by mouth (in 4 breaths) as with most mats which gives you about 1.5psi of inflation which is plenty for many people, but the mat also comes with a dry air pump which will stop you getting condensation inside if used rather than oral inflation and it allows you to inflate it up to 4psi (max. recommended pressure). The pump adds 43g to the weight of the product (not much when you consider the improved sleep you can get from a personalized level of bed comfort).

How do I use my Klymit Inertia X Frame? You can put the mat straight on the ground, on the groundsheet of your tent, or you can slide it inside your sleeping bag if you are on a slope and are worried about sliding off. Either way the sleeping bag will still loft between the chambers to keep you as warm as possible. The mats shaping means that at the right level of inflation it will curve with your body so you could use it comfortably for sleeping in a sitting position on ledges on big walls.



  • Purchase includes:
  • Mat
  • Dry Air Pump 1.0
  • Stuff Sack
  • Patch Kit
  • Weighs 258g
  • Weighs 301g with Pump
  • Dimensions 1829mm x 457mm x 38mm
  • NobleTek™ enabled


Environmental Responsibility

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