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Climbing Products

£692.48 (inc Vat)
Outdoor Climbing Belay-Devices MPD Descent Control Pulley CMC
MPD Descent Control Pulley

£520.78 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Pegs-and-Aid Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge Black Diamond
Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge

Seen on the big walls of Yosemite, Patagonia and Baffin Island and based on the original A5 portaledge designs by John Middendorf this ledge is a seriously proven piece of equipment.

£448.94 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Pegs-and-Aid Single Portaledge Black Diamond
Single Portaledge

Heavier and more cumbersome than the Metolius Single Bomb Shelter, but wider and a touch more luxurious. And cheaper!

£442.84 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Climbing Pack-Deals Deluxe Scrambling Pack DMM
Deluxe Scrambling Pack

£413.04 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Pegs-and-Aid Deluxe Cliff Cabana Double Fly Black Diamond
Deluxe Cliff Cabana Double Fly

The only answer if you are big walling in extreme conditions. Unlike any other fly on the market the Deluxe Fly is completely sealed.

Special Offer £359.50 (inc Vat)
You save 20%
Outdoor Climbing Pack-Deals Sport Pack Up and Under
Sport Pack

Save £90 on some excellent and well selected sports climbing product from Sterling Ropes, DMM and Beal that make up this Sports Climbers Pack.

£332.22 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Pegs-and-Aid Deluxe Single Fly Black Diamond
Deluxe Single Fly

Flysheet for Cliff Cabana portaledge A single Black Diamond ledge flysheet, with the excellent features of the Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly.

£332.22 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Bouldering-Mats The Grand Wrap Snap
The Grand Wrap

A supersized crash pad with an innovative design for safety in big and small falls

£282.84 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Bouldering-Mats The Wrap Snap
The Wrap

Bouldering mat with 24 individual PU foam bloack which allow a firmer resistance for higher impact falls but a softer, more comfortable feeling for starts and low falls

£281.53 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Pegs-and-Aid Haul-Bags El Cap Haulbag Metolius
El Cap Haulbag

The biggest haulbag we can get our chalky, ripped up hands on. If your wall will take you 3 days or longer, this is the one for you. Features a waterproof closure at the top.

£265.70 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Climbing Pack-Deals Scrambling Pack DMM
Scrambling Pack

£250.25 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Pegs-and-Aid Haul-Bags 1/2 Dome Haulbag Metolius
1/2 Dome Haulbag

Haul bags don't get any tougher than the Metolius Half Dome. They are made from abrasion resistant material so this haulbag will last for up to 20 big wall routes unlike some other nylon alternatives.

Climbing Equipment

When it comes to pushing out the boat, no matter where you are, or what you are doing: rock climbing, winter climbing, ice climbing, mixed climbing, aid climbing, mountaineering, big wall climbing, Alpine climbing or visiting the Greater Ranges there is no substitute for technical excellence and quality. Whether you are looking to push yourself on that ultimate gritstone solo, send your hardest redpoint, keep it together on a crumbling coastal ambition, battle up a winter north face, or have a relaxing day down the Gower Peninsula, we will have just the climbing gear for you.

Five Ten Anasazi Blanco V2 at Up and Under Five-Ten , Beal, Metolius, Arc'teryx, Sterling RopeDMMYatesBlack Diamond, Edelrid, Beta Climbing, Mammut, Grivel, Kahtoola, La Sportiva, Petzl, Snap, Red Chili, EntreprisesBoreal, Gripmaster, Tenaya, Wild Country, Climb On!... Why buy alternatives when we sell the best!

We love rock climbing in every form: trad climbing where you are placing your own protection such as nuts, slings and camming devices (the superior form of rock climbing according to Chris), sport climbing where you are clipping bolts and only require quickdraws and a rope (the superior form of rock climbing according to Ben), bouldering where you just need a bouldering mat, some chalk and massive guns (the superior form of rock climbing according to Beth) and solo climbing the purest of them all where all you need are your rock shoes and a perfect state of mind. No matter how little or how much climbing gear you need we will have it here.

Petzl Nomic In the last few years we have had a resurgance of winter climbing activity in the south of the UK. Low cost flights to the Alps and increased knowledge about places like Rjukan in Norway have helped, but so too have the harsh winters of 2009 and 2010 where there were queues for ice climbs in the South Wales Valleys and on the mixed routes of the Brecon Beacons for the first time for years. This has helped us ramp up our range and stock of ice tools, ice screws and crampons and has meant that Andy, Dave and Chris have been getting plenty of ice routes and mixed routes done as well.

Climbing in the Alps and Greater Ranges is close to our hearts at Up and Under. Chris, Andy and Dave have all done a number of summer seasons in the European Alps, whilst Dave has also spent a deal of time climbing and trekking in the Himalaya in Nepal, Tibet and India, the Karakorum in Pakistan and the Peruvian Andes. With this level of experience instore we need to keep the equipment in stock for everyone else to do the same, so you'll find all the climbing equipment that you'll need to tackle your chosen peak alongside items such as high altitude boots and down clothing.

Black Diamond Zion We specialize in equipment for climbing Big Walls and are one of very few U.K. climbing shops that hold this product in stock and give live stock availability on their website.  So for those extra special bigwall climbing requirements, i.e. copperheads, haul bags, pitonsporta-ledges and daisies, dive into our Pegs and Aid section or contact Andy for advice. 


Most of the climbing kit in this our climbing section is where you would expect it to be under subheadings like rockshoes, harnesses and ice tools, available from the dropdown menu at the top of the page or from the side headings at the upper right hand side of the page. Here, however, are some quick links to less obvious gear:

Clip stick Beta Sticks - clip sticks to get the first one or two quickdraws in a sport route safely in for you. Not for the faint of heart, for those who want to push their limits!

Rope bags from various brands, to keep your rope clean and tidy.

Screamers - shock absorbers for protecting extremely marginal gear placements and ice pro.

Rescue knives - every climber should have a sturdy rackable knife, and a lot of guides won't leave flat ground without one. You can find more in the Tools and Knives sections of

Other things of relevance to climbers can be found elsewhere in the catalogue, for instance climbing rucksacks can be found under the Climbing Daysacks heading in the Sacks and Bags section, Approach Shoes are under Footwear as are Fell and Trail Running Shoes which are ideal for crag approach and then clipping to your harness during your route. Boots for scrambling, via ferrata, light alpinism, winter mountaineering and ice climbing are on the mountain boots page. High altitude boots and other expedition gear such as down clothing are also dotted around the site so keep your eyes peeled.

For movement upon ropes (fixed ropes and self-rescue equipment for example) check out ascenders from Black Diamond, Petzl and Wild Country. For hoisting and rescue check out our climbing pulleys.

If you want information on when to retire or replace your rope, slings or karabiners and other climbing equipment follow this link .

Please note: that items of PPE cannot be returned (PPE stands for Personal Protection Equipment and the definition applies to caving, climbing and industrial equipment including helmets, harnesses, ropes, and accessories intended to link a person to a structure/face such as camming devices, karabiners, slings, ascenders, etc). For more information see our returns info page.


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We are delighted to invite all members of Walking the Brecon Beacons Facebook group on May 3rd to a jam-packed day full of talks from Up and Under staff and WTBB guru and renowned International Mountain Leader, Alan Ward. If that's not enough to "peak" your interested - see what I did there - from 12-8pm you can benefit from special discounts and get the opportunity to quiz Alan after 2pm on anything from trekking and travelling through countries such as Nepal, India, Morocco, Indonesia, Peru, Chile and China, to Mountain Training and National Navigation Award Scheme training courses.
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