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Mono-point crampon for ice and mixed climbing

The Petzl Dart mono-point is the ideal crampon for extreme mixed and ice climbing. The mono-point is designed to displace less ice and allow for precise placements on micro-edges. If the ice smear or column you are climbng is narrow then you can still get secure placements with monopoints or you can utilize your pick placements without risk of further shattering the ice. When standing on small edges in dual points if you twist your foot one of the points often skates off, whilst a mono-point will just pivot meaning you remain stable and can climb in a more rock climbing style rather than feet perpendicular to the rock or ice. The third row of points are angled to the rear for hooking into steep terrain and around ice columns. Ultra-lightweight at just 824g.

Read Andy's review of the Dart here.

Or watch Andy from Cam and Bear's Petzl Dart review below.

  • Horizontal structure puts the foot as close to the ice as possible resulting in increased sensitivity and more precise placements
  • Toe bail wire has two positions for a perfect fit on all sole thicknesses and can be adjusted to fit technical boots with asymmetrical shapes
  • Length of points is designed for maximum stability
  • Sharp points give great purchase in ice
  • Forged front point is toothed for precise placements
  • Two points angled forward reinforce purchase and give support when front-pointing
  • Two points are toothed and inclined backwards for back stepping or using instep
  • Four teeth give stability while descending face downhill
  • Lateral points for purchase while traversing
  • Front section can be replaced if the front point becomes worn


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