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Mountain Hammer



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Climbing ice axe

The all-round winter climbing tool has been updated with modern climbing in mind.

The DMM Fly ice axe has an improved hot forged handle with injected plastic which is grippy and highly insulating. Flyice tools have a bottom hand rest for leashless climbing which is removable if desired. An optional upper rest is also available to facilitate leashless climbing still further.

The pick set has been reshaped so that it is more comfortable when held by the hand.

The combined pick/adze unit (or pick/hammer unit) can be unscrewed from the tool head and so replaced easily if damaged. Indeed the Fly can be adapted for less technical terrain by fitting Raptor pick sets which are available separately.

The shaft and pick unit are of T rated strength so strong enough for building belays and torquing cracks.

We favour this classic ice axe for low to mid grade winter climbs on all terrain, as a mid grade Alpine axe for face climbs and for tougher mountaineering challenges anywhere.

DMM Fly Review:

Chris' Seal of Approval"I originally climbed with a DMM Fly when they first came out in green many years ago on a La Grave ice climbing trip. We had a selection of the latest tools and these were the ones everyone wanted to use, so the race to the boot of the car every morning was particularly frantic. I loved the tool so much that I bought a pair of the next generation black shafted ones and souped them up with clipper leashes and B-rated picks. They were awesome and have stood me in good stead for routes around the Alps summer and winter and across Britain.

As the years passed and leashless tools started to appear I wanted to try the development out for myself but loved the versatility of my Fly's too much to trade them in. So I bought a pair of Grivel Horns and set about making them fit my Fly's. With them fitted I decided that leashless was indeed the way forward for certain aspects of my winter climbing but a bent skinny bolt and an ill-fitting piece of plastic is not great for trusting your life too.

The design of the new Fly is in my mind the ultimate in versatility in winter tools as you can use it as a mountaineering axe with a Raptor head on, use it as a leashed winter climbing axe that you can use for plunging and axe belays or you can add the handrest and go leashless. If you only want to own one set of tools, the 2012/2013 DMM Fly's are the best there is."

  • Hot Forged ergonomic handle
  • T rated construction
  • Bottom hand rest
  • Can be fitted with Raptor picks for less technical terrain.
  • Weight:
  • Mountain Adze -718g
  • Mountain Hammer -721g


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