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Nuts and Stoppers Products

Special Offer £259.99 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Trad Pack Up and Under
Trad Pack

RRP of £301.50! Save over £68 when you start your trad climbing career with this awesome pack of kit at a fantastic price. Features only products from Welsh manufacturer DMM and includes all you need for only £...

£70.85 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers I.M.P. Brass Nut Set 1-5 DMM
I.M.P. Brass Nut Set 1-5

Immaculate Marginal Protection, or you might like to still call them RPs as that is what these little geezers are based upon. The alloy used means that the nuts lock into the rock well and also resist being pul...

£59.06 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Classic Rocks Set 1-10 Wild Country
Classic Rocks Set 1-10

A set of 1-10. Classic Rocks are a great introduction to the Wild Country range and are perfect for first leads and progressing through the grades.

£59.06 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Superlight Rock Wild Country
Superlight Rock

An innovative product, made by cutting a conventional Rock in half and soldering it onto a single wire. Available individually or as a 1-6 set. Very lightweight but strong, and useful for shallow placements. An...

£59.06 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Rockcentric Set Wild Country
Rockcentric Set

Get the lot for not a lot! Sizes 3 -9 rockcentrics.

£50.93 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Wallnut Set DMM
Wallnut Set

Colour coded anodised Wallnut set sizes 1-11. The tapered sides suit them to slightly outward flaring cracks whilst the clever teardrop indents make them fit even the most complex cracks and holes.

£49.98 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Superlight Offset Rocks Set Wild Country
Superlight Offset Rocks Set

Wild Country Superlight Offset Rocks are the lightest passive protection on a size for size basis size in the world! They also stick like chocks in a rock.

£35.42 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Micro Wallnut Set DMM
Micro Wallnut Set

For really narrow cracks for when the Wallnut size 1 is too big, these 4 alloy nuts are just the ticket. The top of the nut has a CNC machined recess to allow a full wire radius to be recessed - this improves d...

£32.71 (inc Vat)
You save 9%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Rock Set Wild Country
Rock Set

Lighter than the Classic Rocks and anodised different colours to aid identification. They have a slightly longer profile and a gentle side taper for ease and security of placement. Same colour scheme as DMM Wal...

£15.92 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Torque Nut DMM
Torque Nut

Wide-crack passive protection from DMM, Torque Nuts are designed to work in a similar fashion to Rockcentrics meaning they can be placed passively at a constriction or cammed into place in parallel cracks thank...

£15.13 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Tri-Cam on nylon Camp
Tri-Cam on nylon

£14.62 (inc Vat)
You save 11%
Outdoor Climbing Nuts-and-Stoppers Brass Offset DMM
Brass Offset

DMM's take on the old HB Brass Offset Nut availably individually or in one of two sets. Made using the original molds and adding colour coded anodised swages that also act as keepers to help load the head optim...

Nuts and Stoppers

Rock protection starts with the humble nut/chock/wire. We have chosen product ranges from companies that we know and trust, to give the highest levels of safety and product quality. Our range comes from industry leaders DMM, Wild Country and Black Diamond. Only the finest nuts for you!

The basis for any trad rack is a good set of nuts. If you're building a new rack or making significant additions, check out our Pack Deals page too.

We use and recommend DMM Wallnut sets. The Wallnut is DMM's workhorse nut. These all have curved faces which allow better seating in each placement, and a high degree of cam, so that the nut effectively expands in size and bites further into the rock when loaded. In the normal range of nuts hollowed out and tear-dropped faces allow improved placement between edges of rock, and tapered sides allow good protection in slightly outward flaring cracks. Sizes 7, 8, 9 10 and 11 are all extruded for excellent lightness. They also come in tiny micro sizes for those thinly protected pitches! Certain members of staff (who shall remain nameless) tell harrowing tales of falling onto them from great and probably exaggerated heights, and being both alive and pleasantly surprised afterwards. We also have DMM Offset nuts, shaped using the old and much loved HB Offset designs.

Wild Country Rocks also come in sets (a larger and smaller set at either end of the nut size range), and are slighty longer and more square than Wallnuts, lacking the hollowed out areas. This makes them seat better in some types of rock and less well in others, although Rocks seem to get jammed in place less often than Wallnuts. The sizes go up to the monster size 14, which is the size of a decent hex. The colour anodising on Wild Country and DMM nuts follow the same scheme, so you can use both in the same rack without getting confused. Both Rocks and Wallnuts are available in sigle sizes as well, for doubling up on your favourites of replacing lost kit.

Wild Country also provide us with Superlight Rocks. These are suberbly light on a single wire only, but well rated, and a favourite with Alpinists. We've also got DMM Peenuts, which are even more tapered nuts that complement the Wallnut and come in a range of 5 sizes. They're anodised to match the smaller Wallnuts and taper on all sides, a must for people climbing Cairngorm granite and other areas that have regular outward flaring cracks. Also covering the smaller end of the wire spectrum we have the excellent DMM Brass Offsets and Brass IMPs. These little wires are extremely narrow and tapered, similar in size to RPs. They are also stronger then you would expect for their size, and a godsend whan nothing else will go in!

On the other end of the protection-chunkiness spectrum there is the Wild Country Rockcentrics, which are a curved evolution of the well-favoured Hex. The main refinements are the curved faces, which further improve camming, the side taper for flaring placements, and a vast reduction in weight, and colour coding aided by coloured dyneema slings. Now also fully anodised, matching Rocks and Wallnuts in the smaller sizes, and Friends and DMM Cams in the bigger sizes. Mmm, nice big Rockcentrics in fist-sized cracks... Protection-tastic!

Alternatively there is the Torque Nut from DMM. These are designed to work in a similar fashion to Rockcentrics meaning they can be placed passively at a constriction or cammed into place thanks to their offset edges. Additionally they are racked on extendable dyneema allowing the nuts to be neatly stowed on your harness and then extended when placed, eliminating then need for extra quickdraws. Four sizes are available covering a very wide range of large cracks. Also available as a set of 4.


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