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Seal Skinz Brecon XP Glove

Brecon XP is a really practical and versatile pair of gloves. Subtle enough for biking and durable enough for those epic trails. You can even use your techy gadgets with them on.

These waterproof, windproof supper cosy gloves, are really unique in their versatility.

They have a soft padding and fleece inside and grippy protrusions on the high ware areas to give you that all important extra grip. Perfect for mountain biking, mountaineering and ski mountaineering.

Brecon XP Glove has a very luxurious cuff, that will tuck in nicely under most coat sleeves to keep you extra warm and dry.

Seal Skinz has designed this Rugged, Technical Gloves & engineered it for cold, wet rides where performance and warmth are required in equal measures.


How to work out your glove size:

To ensure you purchase the perfect fit glove for you, please follow these simple steps:-

  • Measure your dominant hand with a tape measure around the knuckles in inches (your left if you are left handed and your right if you are right handed)
  • The size that you measure in inches, is your glove size, so if you measure 9 inches, you will need a medium glove
  • Please remember that if the gloves are too tight on your hands they may make your hands feel cold, so if in doubt go up a size!


  • Totally waterproof, breathable and windproof
  • Anti-slip to improve dexterity and virtually eliminate pull-out
  • Feature on index finger allows use of touchscreen devices


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