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Wellington Boots Products

£21.52 (inc Vat)
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Outdoor Footwear Wellington-Boots Acifort Dunlop

The Dunlop Acifort is a rubber Wellington boot (Wellie) that is perfect for Caving as it provides your feet with protection and non-slip with grip.

£13.94 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Outdoor Footwear Wellington-Boots Sport Dunlop

£10.42 (inc Vat)
You save 10%
Outdoor Footwear Wellington-Boots Pricemastor Dunlop

£9.19 (inc Vat)
You save 12%
Outdoor Footwear Wellington-Boots Dull Junior Dunlop
Dull Junior

Wellington boot for children from size 1 to 12. Perfect for muddy activites like caving or others

What are a specialist retailer like Up and Under doing selling wellies? You can't climb a mountain in those!

But cavers do love their wellies, and so do farmers, fishermen, outdoor centres, families, dog walkers, and people who love jumping in muddy puddles, so here they are. We keep a range of tough, pratical wellies from Dunlop to suit all sizes from small kids to towering giants.


Shell Yeah! Patagonia Makes Recycled Shell Jackets!

With such unpredictable, wet and windy weather, waterproof jackets are a must in this country. We all have one… and maybe some of you even have two. But do you know what it's made of?
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Environmental Responsibility

As an outdoor retailer we're aware that our business relies on the manufacturing, transportation and consumption of gear and related products. In an attempt to reduce our environmental impact, we're making a concious effort to implement sustainable change throughout the business. See what our store is doing and what some of the brands we carry are doing to make a difference.
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Arc'teryx Promotion

In preparation for the forthcoming Autmn/Winter season we are having a temporary Arcteryx sale with clothing on offer between 33 and 43% off RRP and hardwear such as footwear, packs and harnessses at 15% off RRP and free postage on a number of products. Included are products in the Adahy, Aerios, Alpha, Atom, Beta, Fernie, Gamma, Konseal, Mantis, Oriel, Phase, Proton, Sabria, Sigma, Tolu and Zeta ranges.
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